HOC Release (December 27, 2018)

A small release during the holiday break addresses a few performance improvements. Included are improvements to logging in as a public site or sharing portal user, improvements to 'one step signup' in conjunction with the Advanced Registration System, and continued system migrations to the REST api for performance improvements.

System Issue: Previous versions of blocks, forms and pages slow or unable to load (HOC3-8597)

The versioning system that allows you to return to earlier versions of blocks, forms and other items created in the CMS had been suffering from poor performance as the number of pages, blocks, forms and versions of each has grown.  The versioning system has been revamped so that you can more easily return to previous versions of items if needed. This is the start of major work to develop a more robust versioning system for HOC's CMS.

Improvements to .csv data exports of form data (HOC3-8631)

When using forms in the CMS and not synching to Salesforce - data from forms is accessed through a .csv export of form data.  Improvements have been made to the way the data is presented in the export form to make it easier to read and use the data.


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