HOC Release Notes (September 28, 2023)

This release provides under the hood improvements to make HOC public sites operate more efficiently when interacting with Salesforce. It also provides some bug fixes and new features as described below:

New Features:

Opportunity Filters translated in Listing Blocks (HOC3-18172)

Listing Blocks were updated to use translations from the Salesforce translation workbench.

Bug Fixes:

Form - Resizing the window on a public site with a form the data entered is lost (HOC3-18181)

The logic that detects that the browser has been resized was updated to store the data related to the forms available on the page. Additionally, when the new size is loaded the data provided by the user previously is populated in the respective fields. This solves the issue of contact's losing all of the data they entered in a form after it's resized.

CMS Listing Block is not rendering correctly (HOC3-18265)

Fix an issue that caused Listing Blocks to render incorrectly when the column width was set in a data table.

Sharing Portal Name should show First Name NOT Last Name (HOC3-18328)

Fixed an issue that caused a partner contact's last name appear instead of their first name when signing into the portal.

Listing Block Sort Issue (HOC3-18326)

This issue was caused by empty columns being misinterpreted. This resulted in date fields not sorting correctly. This issue was fixed in this release.

500 Error on ARS Signup (HOC3-18321)

This issue was caused when branch logic had mixed conditions between the ARS form and Salesforce fields. This issue was fixed in this release.


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