HOC Release Notes (July 16)

This release contains visual improvements to the way things appear in the CMS, and improvements to the way system pages from the CMS appear on mobile and tablet.  There are also performance improvements. Here's one new improvement to the sharing portal that is available:

Sharing Portal can now limit the Opportunity Types that can be created (HOC3-9437)

Previously it wasn't possible for us to configure the sharing portal so that only certain types of Volunteer Opportunities could be created.  Now we have control and you can select which opportunity types you do, and don't want to be available for partners to create:

  • Date & Time Specific - Full Sign Up
  • Date & Time Specific - Express Interest
  • Individually Scheduled - Express Interest with Schedule
  • Individually Scheduled - Express Interest only

If you want your sharing portal updated to limit the opportunity types that can be selected when a partner creates an opportunity, open a support ticket at https://support.handsonconnect.org and title your request "Limit Sharing Portal Opportunity Types" and indicate which of the four opportunity types you want available (and/or which you do not).


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