HOC Release (June 13, 2019)

This release features continued under the hood improvements to both the public site CMS, mobile sites, and the capabilities of a future HandsOn Connect mobile app. Here's a few items of note fixed or improved in this release.

Bug Fix:  Express Interest Button appears when when ISO-EIO opportunity is at capacity (HOC3-9275)

While Individually Scheduled - Express Interest Only opportunities typically allow large numbers of volunteers to express interest -- it IS possible to lower the default number of connections allowed to express interest.  It was discovered that when the max attendance was reached that the express interest button remained visible.

This has been updated so that even this opportunity type will show as full if the allotted number of connections has been reached.

Check-in Kiosk: Bug fix.   Unable to close check-in kiosk. (HOC3-9276)

In some browser, it was discovered that the 'close' box that allowed you to shut down the check-in kiosk and return to the activation screen, was not working as expected.  This has been fixed.

Check-in Kiosk: Bug fix.  Role not being populated when a connection is created via kiosk (HOC3-9289)

The check-in kiosk creates connections for guests checking in (whether a previously registered volunteer or a new contact). It was discovered that these new connections did not have the 'role' field populated with the value "Volunteer".  This was a minor inconvenience, but it has now been fixed.

Check-in Kiosk: Bug fix.  Negative hours being reported for connections (HOC3-9560)

If check-in / check-out is active in the kiosk - it was possible for a connection to get a negative total of hours.  Here's how this happened:

1) A volunteer can check in early for an opportunity. When they do so, they are marked as attended starting at the start time of the opportunity (credit is not given for checking in early -- they are credited with arriving as scheduled.

2) However - checking out calculates the actual check-out time, and if a person checked out before the opportunity was scheduled to start they'd wind up with negative hours.  

A validation has been created wherein a connection updated by the kiosk cannot have an end time earlier than the start time. If someone checks out before an opportunity starts, they will be checked in and out at the same time resulting in 0 hours.

To avoid this problem - do not schedule an occurrence for 2 pm - 4 pm (for example) and expect it to accurately record hours for someone arriving at 10 a.m. and leaving at 1 pm.   They'll get 0 hours.

If you wish to use the check-in kiosk as a 'time clock' and capture the actual check-in and check-out time -- set the occurrence to start at 12:01 a.m. and end at 11:59 pm.   If the volunteer checks in the start time will be updated to the actual check-in time, and the end time will be updated to whenever they checked out.  

Note however if they do not check-out - they will be credited for all the time between when they checked in and the 'scheduled' end time of the occurrence.

Check-in Kiosk: Improvements to tracking (HOC3-9563)

The various fields that can be used to track where a connection was created and last updated, that can give you insight into whether that happened administratively, via the public site, via the sharing portal, or via the check-in kiosk have been updated to better reflect activity taking place in the check-in kiosk.

See this article for more information on HOC tracking fields, which can be useful for reporting and/or added to page layouts.



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