HOC Release Notes (April 14, 2022)

This release features a number of internal bug fixes and corrects rare issues where data isn't savedd in Salesforce when inputted through the public site.

Bug Fix: Forms using Donation Component with Stripe not capturing all info (HOC3-15724)

If using Stripe as a payment processor with a donation component in forms, the fields "Payment Transaction Method" "Payment Transaction status" and Payment Transaction ID were not being successfully mapped to Salesforce.  This bug has been fixed.

Cabot Reward Volunteer Program removed from registration options (HOC3-15424)

Cabot Cheese has ended their Cabot Reward Volunteers Program effective March 31, 2022.  The option to display signup for the program via the HandsOn Connect registration page has been removed.

Bug Fix: Listing block export to CSV fix (HOC3-15539)

When exporting a listing block to a .csv, the column header name was being included in each row of data. This has been fixed and only the data will appear in each row.  The column header will only appear at the top of the column.


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