HOC and Release Notes (Oct 4 - Oct 18, 2018)

Release was mostly focused on internal performance issues, including improvements in sharing portal performance when more than 1000 records have to be accessed, improvements to salesforce mapping in forms. A number of other improvements that address reliability of forms were also implemented. Form error messages have been improved so that when saving an incomplete form it's clearer why the form won't save.

We've also improved the sorting of dates in the system in the 'my accounts' page and elsewhere.

In a number of improvements were made to the CMS.  Most notably, inappropriate html tags that some users were pasting into the source code of pages were breaking the CMS.  We've updated the CMS to prevent using inappropriate tags such as <html>, </html>, <head>, </head>, <body>, </body>, <applet>, </applet>, <object>, </object>, <embed>, </embed> which should never be included when pasting pure html into any block or page in the CMS.

Additionally some fixes and improvements were made to grouped occurrence functionality.

Here are some notable bugs and improvements including in these releases.

Team Creation Success Page can now be updated (HOC3-7843)

In addition to the previously announced ability for support to update the html text in various team-related pages, we have now made the 'success' page that appears after a team is first created editable.  CMS users can edit this page directly from the CMS system by accessing Content / Pages and searching for the page "Team Creation Success

The default content here is quite useful - and if you edit this page the default content may be lost.  So be careful if you choose to edit the messaging.

Here's the default content that appears on the page when you create a new team:

"If you supplied us with email addresses for your team members, we have emailed them, and asked them to create their own individual account. This will make their team experience more enjoyable. As team captain, you are now able to sign up one or more members of your team (whether or not they have created an account here) to volunteer as part of your team for upcoming opportunities.

As captain, it is your responsibility to ensure that any team members you sign-up for an opportunity have agreed to attend and have the information they need. Please promptly remove team members from opportunities you have signed them up for if they tell you they can't attend.

You can modify your team opportunity signups by clicking on the “ Participants ” link for this opportunity which can be found on the My Account / Overview page and on the My Teams page."

Other content that appears on this page (such as the names of team members, and the button saying you can now sign up the team (if the team is created during sign-up) are not editable.  Just the main text content as indicated above."

Bug Fix: Personal Information Page doesn't update State (HOC3-8221)

In some instances of HOC, if a volunteer updated their state on the personal information page, it did not correctly update it in Salesforce. This has been fixed.

Bug Fix: "Humans only please" in donation form(HOC3-8240

Some users of donation blocks in the ARS workflow for volunteer signup were receiving an error that said "Humans only please" as part of the donation process.  This has been corrected.

Occurrence Description text limit increase (HOC3-8238)

For those users using the option of adding Occurrence Names and Descriptions,  we've updated the functionality so that the occurrence description can be as long as 32000 text characters. (though we don't recommend making a text description that long :-).    This raises it from its previous limit of only 1000 characters.

Improvement to calendar monthly view when using back button in browser (HOC3-8266)

When a public site user moves the calendar to a subsequent month. (example, views december even though its October) - clicks on an opportunity and then decides to go back to the calendar via the browser back button - the calendar page reappears as expected -- but the date is always set back to the current month.

This has been addressed, and in addition to whatever calendar filters were in place when the calendar was last viewed,  the month that was being used will also be recalled.   This will make it easier for a user to get back to the exact view of the calendar they were last lookig at.


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