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HOC Release notes and 2 and Sept 16 2021)

Release continued the process of adding accessibility to the website for users of screen readers.  It also improved the search process for sites using multiple llanguages.  Both 10.38 and 10.39 include under the hood performance improvements, and improvements for clients using multiple languages.  Here are some visible fixes and improvements from these releases.

Listing block filters now support use of "Contains" operator for long text  (HOC3-14038)

When filtering contents of a listing block, one is able to filter results using the 'contains' operator . Previously this only work with text(255) or textarea(255) fields.  But now the contains operator will support long text fields (>255 characters) as well.

Skills can now be translated to other languages (HOC3-14655)

For those organizations using multiple languages, its now possible to translate Skills (in the same way you could previously translate Organization Names, Volunteer Opportunities, Questions and Registration Questions.  You can now also translate the names of skills directly in the same manner.

The picklist values for Skill Categories can be translated using Setup / Translate and using the standard Translation Workbench.    The translations of skill categories will be carried over to the public site.  

Bug Fix - Radio Button Display not working when the picklist is dependent (HOC3-14695)

Support has been added to allow radio button format to be supported for dependent picklists.

Bug Fix: URLs for opening calendar to specific date no longer working (HOC3-14757)

This post in the documentation, showed how you could create a URL that would open the calendar to a specific month or date.  However, it was not working with the advent of the recent update to search and calendar.  This has been fixed.  The methodology outlined in this article, will once again work with search.

Debug Mode in Forms to clarify Salesforce errors (HOC3-14605)

Forms have been updated so that when submitting a form on the public site generates an error in Salesforce (thereby preventing the form from being submitted), a clearer indication of the source of the error is shown.


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