HOC Release (June 27, 2019)

This release includes improvements to the Advanced Registration System to better support subsites, improvements to Listing blocks, and a variety of internal improvements.  It also includes some fixes for bugs that occur in rare situations.  Here's the most notable of these:

Bug Fix: Editing Team signups not respecting 'registration cutoff (hours' setting (HOC3-9474)

We've fixed several bugs related to the management of team signups by a team captain related to the setting for registration cutoff hours in the occurrence.

1) Team captains could not remove their team if the cutoff deadline had passed.  They were also not able to remove themselves or individual team members after the cutoff deadline was reached.  They'll now be able to remove their team or any team members anytime up to the start of the opportunity.  

2) Team captains were able to add additional team members to an occurrence after the cutoff deadline had passed.  Team captains will no longer be able to add addition team members after the cutoff hour deadline has been reached.

Bug Fix:  Sharing Portal reports - column headings misaligned (HOC3-8415)

In some summary reports viewed in the sharing portal, the column headings weren';t lining up with the actual columns, making it difficult to read and understand the reports.  (Headers were shifted to the left).  This has been corrected!

Bug Fix:  Sharing Portal - errors when creating ISO-EIO connections administratively (HOC3-9621)

A rare bug was fixed wherein a sharing portal user, whose age in their contact record was less than the minimum age for an opportunity, was unable to administratively create connections for ISO-EIO opportunities.  This has been corrected.

Search Improvement:  Opportunity details available even if Salesforce is down (HOC3-9487)

Salesforce doesn't go down much, but when it does, search was no longer able to return opportunity detail (because the data was pulled directly from Salesforce).  This can cause problems even if Salesforce is briefly unavailable.    To address this, our search server (SOLR) now will have the most recent versions of opportunity details so that even if Salesforce is temporarily offline, opportunity detail pages will still display.

Bug Fix:  Check-in Kiosk:   Errors resulting when guests check-in for an occurrence that is part of a grouped occurrence (HOC3-9588)

A rare bug was discovered when using the check-in kiosk with guest registration active, for an occurrence that was part of a grouped occurrence.  An error message prevented the guest from checking in.   The reason was - when a guest checks in the connection is made in 'attended' status, however, because the occurrence is 'grouped' - additional connections for future dates are made, and these cannot be marked as attended because they haven't taken place yet.  

Here's the corrected behavior that will take place IF a guest checks in for an occurrence that is part of a grouped occurrence.
1) A connection for that day's occurrence will be made and marked attendance.
2) Connections will automatically be made for the remainder of the grouped occurrence, but these will be in 'please verify' attended status.

This will prevent an error message from preventing guest check-in - but will have the consequence of signing up a guest for multiple occurrences.

Because the occurrence is grouped - checking in as a guest will automatically make connections for that new, guest volunteer for the remainder of the group.  This may prove unexpected and not be your intent.

It is recommended that if you are allowing guest check-in, and don't want the guest signed up for future occurrences (which incidentally, may mean that you have more than the maximum attendance for those future occurrences), then you should remove the occurrence from the group on the day the occurrence takes place, so a guest could check in for just the sole occurrence.

This could be done manually - or you could create a process builder that removes the group association for an occurrence on the day it takes place.

OR -- if you want to avoid this fairly confusing scenario, do not use the check-in kiosk for grouped occurrences if you are allowing guests to sign up. The rules pertaining to grouped occurrences will be applied and the guest will be unaware that the occurrence was grouped - as the warnings that appear on the public site do not show up as part of checking in via the kiosk.  If you regularly use grouped occurrences with the check-in kiosk, then you may want to request turning off guest registration.

Talk to a support agent in lab to get advise on the best solution scenario for you regarding guest check-in and grouped occurrences.


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