HOC Release Notes (Nov 19, 2020)

This release includes additional security improvements, and the start of a unification to the filters available across different search layouts that will be coming in future releases.

ARS Branch Logic now includes logical branches based on email addresses (HOC3-12475)

The ARS branch logic now supports the ability to create logical branches based on certain conditions related to the email address of the registering volunteer or a logged in user signing up for Volunteer Opportunities.



1) Contact Email Exists - can be set to True or False.  Branching will depend on whether a contact with that email address already exists or not.

2) Contact with Log in Credentials - can be set to True or False. Branching will depend on whether or not a contact with that email address already exists AND has a username, nd profile.

3) Contact Email:  can be set to 'Contains' or 'Does Not Contain' and can be used, for example, to have a logical branch for contacts who have email addresses associated with a specific employer.   For example:


Forms: Ability to display Radio (Picklist) in columns (HOC3-12954)

When creating a form and choosing to display picklist options as a radio buttons, HOC forms have always listed in the options in a row. (one on top of the other).

There is now an option "Display Inline" which will make the radio buttons display side by side (in columns).   Just choose the "Display Inline" option for this field.


This will then display like this on the published form:


instead of like this:  (with display inline off)

Forms: Ability to display a numeric field as a rating field (HOC3-13033)

There are now four options for displaying numeric fields in forms:



1) Input Box - allows user to enter a number.  

2). Slider - displays a slider that can be dragged to the right to increase the number by the number of 'steps' defined. You'll set Minimum Value and Maximum value.


Appears as:   You drag the slider to increase the number in the box to the right.


3) Intensity Rate:  Can choose the Scale Coloring to present, and also set the 'top maximum label' and 'top minimum label" to identify both sides of the scale.


Appears on site as:  Selecting a number shows all the numbers below with the colors changing.  (like a thermometer).


4. Scale Rate - Same as Intensity Rate, but when selecting a number only the selected number if highlighted.

Banners and Alerts

Additionally:  you can set "Top Maximum Label" and "Top Minimum Label" to label each end of the scales.  

Forms: File Upload:  Display file size limit (HOC3-12947)

Forms uploaded via the public site, or uploaded into the CMS cannot exceed a size of 8 MB.  Attempts to upload files larger than that will now display an error message explaining the limit.



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