HOC Release (Aug 8, 2019)

This release has a handful of new features / improvements along with the usual under the hood improvements and bug fixes.  Improvements were made to site security to further deter malicious bots.  Here's the highlights of this week's release:

ARS/Forms Improvement - Date Field Validations. (HOC3-8211)

When adding a date or date/time field to a HOC form (standalone or as part of the ARS), you now have additional validation options for the dates that can be entered into the form:

1. Allow Time  (select Yes if you wish both a date and time to be supplied)

• You can choose the format you wish the time to be entered in if you select 'yes

2. Assign Current date/time by default   (will pre-enter today's date in the form).  Can be edited by the user if they don't wish to use today's date.

3. Allow only Future Dates.   When selected, you also have the option of allowing the current date as well

You can also set a limit to the maximum days in the future that can be entered.  

4. Allow only past dates.   This offers the same options when selected....

5. Validation depends on another date field

You can make a date field in the form dependent on the answer given to another date field in the form.   If enabled, you select a logical operator (i.e. greater than, less than or equal), and which field it is dependent on:

These validation options give you greater control over what dates can be entered into a form you create, and allow for much more robust forms that use dates.

ARS Opportunity Workflows map team signup info to team captain connection (HOC3-9759)

ARS workflows previously weren't mapping to SF when a team signed up (because you were actually signing up many people.  So the mapping info was lost.  Now, if a team captain signs up a team to an opportunity with an ARS workflow associated with it - the info captured in a form will be mapped to the team captain's connection.

Note: You may want to use different wording, or different questions when a team captain is signing up a team.  For example, for individual you may ask "What is your T-Shirt Size", but for a team signup you may want to ask a text-based question, "Please enter the number of shirts of each size you need for your team."      You can do this by making the first form in your workflow one with a question, "Are you signing up as an individual or as a team" -- based on that answer, you can use branch logic to present a different form for individuals and a different one for team captains.

Kiosk Bug Fix: Guest registration will respect configured minimum age for volunteers (HOC3-9770)

For clients who have set the registration minimum age to an age above 13 -- the check-in kiosk will respect that age validation if you are using guest registration configuration 4. (allow guests to register themselves).


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