HOC3 Release Notes (Sept 21, 2017)

This release incorporates a number of under the hood improvements to our new CMS architecture. A number of improvements in the display of HOC on mobile and tablets have been deployed.

Sharing Portal: Ability to set maximum attendance when creating new occurrences, and ability to edit opportunity coordinator (HOC3-4468)

Improvements have been made to creating new occurrences and editing existing ones.

Its now possible to set the 'maximum attendance' for each new occurrence you create for a date and time specific opportunity. (Previously the default value was being used when creating the opportunity and you had to edit each one to change the value).

The ability to change the opportunity coordinator has been added to editing existing occurrences.

The maximum attendance will be pre-populated with the default setting, but this can be changed to any value when creating new occurrence(s)

Sharing Portal: Volunteer Leaders now see their name (rather than their organization) in the sharing portal (HOC3-3898)

In a recent release we made a partner organizations logo visible in the upper left when they are logged into the partner portal. If no logo was available, then the 'name' of that partner appears.

However, this made no sense for Volunteer Leaders using the portal - as their organization might be "Jones Household" or "Individual".   Now, Volunteer Leaders will see their name, rather than their organization when they log into the sharing portal.

Sharing Portal: Correct email now being sent to volunteers when Individually Scheduled Opportunities / Express Interest Only are created in sharing portal (HOC3-4230)

When a volunteer signs up for an ISO from the public site they are sent one of these two email templates:

  • Opportunity Sign-up Acknowledgement for Individually Scheduled
  • (This is sent for ISO - with schedule)
  • Opportunity Sign-Up Acknowledgement for Express Interest Only

However when connections are created administratively in the sharing portal, the wrong email was being sent in some cases.  Going forward , when a connection is created administratively in the sharing portal:

  • Opportunity Type: Individually Scheduled, Connection Status: Confirmed, Email Template: Volunteer Status has been confirmed for Individually Scheduled (Email sent to the Volunteer)
  • Opportunity Type: Express Interest Only, Connection Status: Confirmed, Email Template: Volunteer Status has been confirmed for Express Interest Only (Email sent to the volunteer)

This is because when you administratively create a connection in the sharing portal, the status is always automatically sent to 'confirmed".


Sharing Portal: Bug fix. Posting status "This is not published (admin only)" now filters correctly (HOC3-4381)

For organizations that  give partner volunteer opportunities a status of "Admin" instead of "Active" - its now possible for partners to access these via the filters in the sharing portal.  A volunteer opportunity with a status of 'admin' has a posting status of "This is not published (admin only)"

Grouped Occurrences now suport date and time specific - express interest opportunities (HOC3-4113)

Grouped Occurrences, an advanced functionality used by some organizations, has previously only worked for date and time specific opportunities that were full sign up.  That functionality has been extended so that occurrences of date and time specific - express interest opportunities can also be grouped and behave properly on the public site.

Minor Waiver Restriction now supported in HOC 3.0 (HOC3-4564)

Though its rarely used - the opportunity sign-up restriction "Minor Waiver on File" is now supported on the public site.

When used as a restriction to opportunity sign-up - a minor cannot sign up for an opportunity unless the affiliate has indicated in the contact record that they have a minor waiver on file for that volunteer.  This is for organizations that wish parents to grant permission for a minor to participate for all projects - and any minor without a waiver on file cannot sign up for an opportunity.


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