HOC Release Notes (Feb 17, 2022)

This release features additional security improvements for form submissions, improvements to make html tags in the WYSIWYG editor confirm to the overall site css for those tags, and improvements for screen readers.  Here a few new features / improvements in the CMS:

CMS Blocks place 'show title' checkbox in consistent location (HOC3-15401)

The option to "Show title" on any block or form has appeared in various places in various blocks.  Sometimes its in advanced settings, etc.   To make a more consistent user interface, all blocks now have the "Show Title" checkbox in the main section of the blocks settings and right next to the Title Field:  

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CMS: Ability to align payment component (HOC3-15437)

2 improvements to the "Payment Component" in forms

  1. Payment components can now be aligned to appear left, center, or to the right of the form page.
  2. The Payment Processor Settings field labels have been updated to correspond with the terminology used by whichever payment processor you've chosen (Paypal, Stripe, or Authorize.net)
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Listing Block - Ability to Sort Displayed Results (HOC3-15453)

When creating a listing block based on Salesforce Views, you can now opt to sort the results by any of the fields in the view from within the listing block itself.

Bug Fix:  Search options were open by default on calendar page (HOC3-15460)

On the calendar search block, the filtering options were open by default in some orgs, forcing the user to scroll down the page to see the calendar.  The search filters are now 'rolled up' until the user clicks on the + sign

(advanced)  .xml site maps for public site (HOC3-15320)

HandsOn Connect is now generating an .xml site map to be used by search engines to better index your site. You can learn more about the function of Sitemaps here:  https://sitemaps.org/

For advanced users who want the ability to view the .xml file of the site's CMS Content pages and all the Volunteer Opportunity Detail pages, its now possible for you to view the site map files.

To see your sitemaps, go to your public site URL and add /sitemap.xml to the end of the URL.  

example:  https://volunteer.uwlakes.org/sitemap.xml

This URL will generate a page with links to the two sitemaps, 1 for pages, and the other for volunteer opportunities:

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Clicking on the link to the sitemap will give you a listing of the pages / volunteer opportunity URLs that are part of your site, with their URL and the date they were last modified.  

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All pages in Content / Pages now have a checkbox "Add on Sitemap".   Checking this box will include the page on the .xml generated sitemap.  If the box is unchecked, the page will not be included on the sitemap listing.

So when you create a new page in the CMS, check this box to ensure it is included in the sitemap and will be found by search engines.


The sitemap does not include pages that require special permission to access (i.e. Sharing Portal pages), or Volunteer Opportunities that are not available for public view (i.e. Invitation Code based opportunities)

Note:  At the time of publication of these release notes, not all sites have active sitemaps.  If your site does not have a sitemap at the /sitemap.xml URL, please wait until Feb 21 before opening a ticket and telling us it's missing.  These are being updated over the course of the next few days.


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