HOC 3 Release Notes (July 12, 2018)

This release includes a number of under-the-hood improvements for site stability as well as improvement to the mobile layouts for mini-sites and subsites, improvements to the display of the featured opportunity block, and various minor typos in the CMS were corrected.  Here's the highlights of this release:

Improvements to Navigation when editing object in Sharing Portal (HOC3-7561 and 7570)

A number of improvements have been made to improve navigation when editing records in the sharing portal.  Previously, various edits left you on the edit page, and you had to use the left menu or back buttons to get back to where you wanted to be.  Now:

  • After editing a volunteer opportunity, you'll be returned to the opportunity detail page
  • After editing an occurrence you'll be returned to the opportunity detail page.
  • After creating or editing a connection, you'll be returned to the opportunity detail page the connection was associated with.
Bug Fix: Sharing Portal: Merge fields for 'start time' 'end time' fixed for emails sent from sharing portal (HOC3-7550)

When sending email to volunteers from the sharing portal, there is default text available that includes merge fields.  The merge field <Start Date Time> was pulling the occurrence start date and time, instead of the connection start date and time.  While the merge field worked correctly for date and time specific opportunities, it was sending the wrong start date & Time for Individually Scheduled Opportunities (where each volunteer is scheduled for a different date and time).  This has been fixed.  When this merge field is used, the connection start date and time will be sent in the email.

Bug Fix: Email sent to volunteer for Individually Scheduled Express Interest with Schedule missing merge fields (HOC3-0241)

On some sites, the email sent to a volunteer when they expressed interest in an ISO -EI with Schedule opportunity, did not have its merge fields filled out.  This has been corrected.

(Beta) Text on Team Pages can now be updated by support staff (HOC3-7337)

Some users, that have particular rules or use cases for teams - have requested if it would be possible to edit and/or add content to the default text appearing on these three pages in the public site:

  • /my-teams
  • /my-teams/details


  • /my-teams/create

While these pages are not yet accessible to you in the CMS - the support team now has access to edit the text for you if your business needs require it.  Please open a Zendesk ticket if you need this text edited on your site, and indicate which page(s) and the content you wish to have to replace the editable content on these pages.

This capability is still in Beta - and may not be available for all site designs.


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