HOC 3.0 Release Notes - 3.0.24 (May 18-19, 2017)

With the release of new features in the last release came a few bugs that impacted stability in the sharing portal.  These have been quickly resolved and are part of this release.  A variety of under the hood improvements have been made, including improvement in the log-in process for volunteers on sites migrated from 2.0 to 3.0, and styling improvements to various site templates.

New Image Management system now available in the CMS (HOC3-2753)

The new image manager introduced in the last release in the sharing portal, is now available in the CMS as well.  For information on how to use the advanced functions available in the new image manager, see this summary in the last release notes, and see this documentation from the makers of CK Finder.  

The new CK Finder image manager includes the ability to:

  • Upload multiple images at one time
  • Create folders for images to improve organization
  • An Image editor
  • Drag and Drop Support
  • The ability to view and manage images in different ways.

To use the new image manager, click on the "Image" icon in the WYSIWYG editor.

What will open initially is image information.  Click on "Browse Server" to browse the image library and use the many new features.

Click on the COG on the right side of the page, to configure the display of files in whatever manner you wish.

All HOC3 templates now offer Month, Week, and Day Calendar Views (HOC3-2713)
Sharing Portal: Volunteer Opportunity Page improvement available to all sites (HOC3-3074)

To make it faster and easier to filter volunteer opportunities in the sharing portal, the fields "Posting Status" "Schedule Type" and "Registration Type" are now available in all HOC instances.  You can use these filters to quickly filter and see just your currently published volunteer opportunities for example, or add a second filter and find just the published "Express Interest Only" opportunities.  

Note:  You can also filter any search (filered or not) by using the search bar and typing in a keyword (like part of the name of an opportunity you're searching for).

Fixed: Sharing Portal navigation kept returning to home page (HOC3-2988)

The issue where navigation in the sharing portal was not working as expected for some customers has been resolved.

Fixed: Save to Calendar for ICalendar produces valid attachment (HOC3-2932)

In some browsers, if you selected "Add to Calendar" and chose "ICalendar" as your calendar type. The file that was created did not properly place the date on apple's calendar application.  This has been fixed.

Fixed: Sorting after filtering in search (HOC3-2883)

It was reported that in some cases, when you filtered a search, and then sorted by organization, the sort did not work correctly.  (Example:  search filter "Appropriate for: Age of Volunteer, Children under 13" and when you got your results, if you sorted on organization column it did not sort correctly.  This has been fixed.

Improvement to Advanced Registration System and Forms (ARS)
  • The ARS and forms are able to use dates, such as birthdates, for branching logic.  This makes it possible to present different registration options based on the age of the volunteer. (HOC3-2319)
Fixed: Filters for connection grid (HOC3-3130)

Filtering the connection grid by start time or end time was returning no results.  This has been fixed. 


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