HOC Release Notes (March 02, 2023)

This release provides under the hood improvements to make HOC public sites operate more efficiently when interacting with Salesforce. It also provides some bug fixes and new features as described below:

New Features

Listing Block - Ability to use a Session, Query or Path parameter token in table HOC3-16967

In a previous release we added the ability to easily use parameters like the current user logged in as a filter. Now we have extended this functionality to custom actions in a listing block.

For example, let's imagine we are using a listing block to display all of the volunteer teams in an organization. When you click on a specific team to view their members we use a parameter token in the URL to control which team members are visible on the returned page. The URL will look similar to https://handsonconnect.org/p/a0C3c00000grdAWEAY.  The value "a0C3c00000grdAWEAY" is the id of the team and as a result the page will only display team members who are assigned to this team.

If we also wanted to add a button to add a new team member this new feature makes it a lot easier to ensure the new member is connected with the right team. In the listing block we would add a custom field that redirects to a form and includes the parameter token or id in the url. This value would then be mapped to the Volunteer Team field in Salesforce when a new member is added. This feature opens endless possibilities to customizing your portal to meet your business needs.

Create Opportunity: Update Add a Location (Next Step) Text HOC3-13029

The location text has been updated when creating a volunteer opportunity in the Partner Portal. Instead of Add a Location (Next Step), it'll now show Add a Location (Next Page) since the location is entered on the next page when creating an opportunity.

Listing Block - Ability to Format Number Outputs in Custom Card Template HOC3-16929

At times, especially with number formula fields, the number will be printed as 15.333333 when only two decimals are desired.  This even happens when the formula field in Salesforce is set to two decimals.  To fix this we now allow the ability to format number fields when using the Custom Card Template in a Listing Block.

ARS - Set Page as the End to terminate the Workflow HOC3-16946

We have improved the Advanced Registration System (ARS) by adding an option to terminate a workflow using a page. For example, an organization has a requirement that a volunteer must opt in and agree to a location waiver each time they sign up. If the volunteer decided to opt out, the sign up process will end and the registration will not be completed. A CMS admin will also be able to provide text or language on the page that terminates the workflow.

Form Builder - Provide an option in the the form to clear the uploaded document HOC3-16947

When uploading a single file there will be an option to clear or remove the uploaded file. The only option before was to replace an existing file.

Bug Fixes

Volunteer teams have been unable to check in their members HOC3-17066

Improved the team connection process for the kiosk to process records in batch instead of one by one. This change will improve the time of response of the request and prevent the "sorry - unable to obtain access to exclusive records" error.

HOC Support Email HOC3-17104

Fixed an error that caused a 500 error message when trying to view case details.

Can't enter Occurrences HOC3-17124

Fixed an issue that prevented occurrences from being created in the sharing portal.

Filter error in sharing portal HOC3-17118

Fixed an issue that prevented filtering on occurrences by date to show accurate results in the sharing portal.

Incorrect time zone for PST site HOC3-17169

Fixed an issue that prevented our multiple time zones feature from being available in sharing portal. This caused the date/time stored in Salesforce to be incorrect.