HOC Release (May 16, 2019)

This release continues to lay the groundwork for a future HandsOn Connect mobile app. Also included in this release are continued improvements to web security during Organization Registration. Also featured are improvements to SSO (Single Sign On) integration for those clients using SSO for registration and login.

CMS:  Ability to edit the Title and Content on the /organizations page (HOC3-9371)

We continue to provide more access to customizing system pages in the CMS by adding the /organization (Browse Organization) page to our list of editable System Pages.  You can now edit the Heading and introductory text on the page.

Default Page content for /organization

To change the Title (heading) or the introductory text n the CMS, go to Blocks / System Pages / Organization and there you can override the default text on the page as well as the Heading on the page.  When left blank, the default text will appear

CMS: (Universal Template only):  Additional options for Mobile Navigation (HOC3- 9448)

In the CMS, when creating a menu via Menus / Add Menu there are new options available to allow for more granularity in controlling menus for mobile platforms.


If the setting "Is this a main Navigation menu?" is checked.  The menu is automatically included as the main menu for mobile or tablet use.

If the setting "Is this a main navigation menu?" is not checked, then the setting "Include this menu for tablet and mobile" is displayed.  When that is checked, You have the option to define the order in which this menu item appears on mobile.

Bug Fix: Confirmed ISO/EIO connections not showing up in volunteer overview (HOC3-9412)

in we fixed the bug wherein confirmed ISO/EIO connections (which were confirmed and scheduled administratively to take place on a given date and time) were not displaying in the volunteer's account overview as an upcoming opportunity.

Any future confirmed connection (including an ISO/EIO on those occasions when they are confirmed) will now show up in the volunteer's profile.



Thrilled about the possibility of a mobile app! Are there any very general ideas about the timeline for that??

Larry Deckel

Jovita: We've created a mobile app for HandsOn Hong Kong which is now in the App Store. It was based on their particular requirements, but the architecture for it will be used as the basis for creating a more general purpose mobile app for all customers. The trick is in determining the base-line functionality all HOC customers will want to see in a mobile app. I can't say when that will become available - but we've made real progress on this, so hopefully before year end if not sooner. Stay tuned!

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