HOC Release Notes (Oct 8, 2020)

This release features internal improvements in error handling, improvements to forms and blocks, and increased security with email addresses.  It also includes improvements to mobile and tablet layouts.

New Security Feature:  Verification of email address (HOC3-12654)

To improve security on your public site, whenever a user registers and/or updates their email address, the user will be sent an email with a verification code.   This will ensure that a valid email address, actually accessible to the user, has been entered.

When filling in one's email address a message appears:



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Upon hitting 'submit' or, if using the ARS the 'next' button at the bottom of the first page, A field appears to enter the verification code.  The user must then enter the verification code received in the email before completing or proceeding with registration.  The user can choose to resent the code if they didn't receive the email.   (Note: emails will be sent - if a volunteer does not receive the code they should check their spam or junk mail folders).

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The email is sent from your default organization-wide email address.   It looks like this (and is translated in multiple languages if you are using more than one language)

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One then enters the verification number into the registration page to finish or continue with the registration process.  The ensures that a valid email address is used by anyone registering.   (If an incorrect code is entered, a message will indicate that it is an invalid or expired code).

Volunteer Registration: Date of Birth picklist improved for speedier entry (HOC3-12833)

The drop-down picklist for the year of birth has been reordered, so more recent years appear first (rather than having to scroll through birth years chronologically.  This makes itr faster and easier for the majority of volunteers to pick their birth year.  (Since few of them were born in 1925, for example).

The list is updated dynamically based on the minimum age for registering on the site (there is just one picklist value for anyone too young to register on the site), and dates have been removed that would indicate someone is aged 95 or older.

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Forms:  Payment Component now support Stripe (HOC3-12090)

The Donation Component recently added to forms now supports donations to both Paypal and Stripe.  

Listing Block:  ability to hide title and created date from content. (HOC3- 12585)  ability to display rounded images (HOC3-12704)

When creating a Listing CMS block, with a Source of Content Types - the General Settings now make it possible to:

  1. Hide the Title (if a title is active on the referenced page)
  2. Hide the 'created date' of the page.

Images that are added to the "Summary" of a page, are, by default displayed as square (if 'Display Summary' is turned on.  However you can select to have images appear as round instead of square.

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Standard 'square' image from summary:


Rounded Images

Bug Fix:  Filter for "Location Type" on Basic Search Block (HOC3-12765)

The basic search block, which now allows you to choose 'location type' filtering IF you have the new Virtual Volunteer Opportunity feature enabled, now accurately returns search results when viewed in a search results block.

Sharing Portal:  Recurring Occurrences now can start/end on the quarter hour (HOC3-

When creating a date and time specific volunteer opportunity, which has a 'regular schedule" it's now possible to set start and end times at :00, :15,  :30, or :45 of an hour.  (Previously, you could only set x:00 or x:30

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