HOC Release Notes (Oct 14, 2021)

This release includes internal improvements to the Google API used for location services, 14866), and a variety of other internal performance improvements.  Here are a few new features in this release:

Advanced Registration System (ARS) - now supports Occurrence fields in Branch logic for "Opportunity Sign Up" ARS (HOC3-14755)

When setting up an ARS Volunteer Opportunity Signup Workflow, you can now use any of the fields in an occurrence record as part of the conditions in the branch logic.

Advanced Registration System (ARS) - ability to rename submit, back and next labels (HOC3-14866)

In the ARS, when forms are used, the user is presented with buttons labeled "Submit", "Next" and "Back".  It's now possible to rename these buttons if desired.  For example, the "Submit" button could be labeled "Finish" and the Next button could be renamed "Continue".  

Check-in Kiosk - ability to set how far in advance a volunteer can check-in (HOC3-10475)

The check-in kiosk, by default, allows a volunteer to check in as early as they wish on the day their connection takes place.  This new, optional activation feature allows you to place a limit on how early (in minutes) a volunteer can check in using the kiosk.

If you wish to have this activation feature added to your kiosk, please open a support ticket and request activation of "Check-in No Earlier Than (Minutes Before Connection Start).  Please also indicate what default value (in minutes) you'd like to use to limit early check-ins.

When activated the activation screen on the kiosk will include this new setting .  The default value (here set to60 minutes, but you can have us set the default to whatever you wish), can be overwritten by the person activating the kiosk.


A person checking in earlier than the allowed time will see this displayed:


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