Release Notes December 2020 (12/15/2020)

This release to the HandsOn Connect Managed Package in Salesforce has a few minor updates to close out the year.  It will be released to all customers by Thursday, Dec 17..  Improvements were made to prevent errors during contact merges, and to improve performance in organizations with large amounts of data. Improvements were also made to address issues with self-reported occurrences.   Here's a few little tweaks you may notice:

Fix for control panel / Vol Registration Question Configuration  (HOCAVV-1435)

Before the advent of the much more powerful and flexible Advanced Registration System as a way of adding additional questions/fields to Registration and Opportunity signup - HandsOn Connect users could only create custom questions for Registration using the Control Panel's "Volunteer Registration Questions" interface.  For the handful of early HOC users who are still using this functionality instead of the ARS, we've updated the interface to make it work without issue in SF Lightning.

Improvements to the handling of connections to cancelled occurrences (HOCAVV-1438)

It was discovered that a volunteer could not remove themselves from the waitlist of an occurrence that has been cancelled.  (They wanted to do so because they decided to sign up for another occurrence taking place at the same time).

To prevent this conflict, when an occurrence is cancelled, all connections (not just confirmed ones), will be put in attendance status = cancelled.  As such, pending and waitlisted connections will not be evaluated as conflicts to signing up for another occurrence taking place at the same time.


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