June, 2018 Release Notes

The June release of the HOC application is a minor release that addressed a few items necessary to maintain compatibility with the SF Summer 2018 release. There are no significant changes that will be noticed by HOC users.

Workflow to unpublish opportunities upon edit, updated for HOC 3.0 compatibility (HOCAVV-1072)

The workflow, "Notification of Volunteer Information Edited - Field Update" has been updated to be compatible with the HOC 3.0 sharing portal.

What is this workflow?  It's one NOT used by the majority of HandsOn Connect customers, but available for use for organizations that do not wish their partners to be able to edit a published volunteer opportunity without first having it reviewed again by the affiliate organization and republished.

What it does, if enabled, is change the status of a volunteer opportunity BACK to inactive, any time a partner edits the title or description of a previously published opportunity.

Most customers, use only the workflow "Notification of Volunteer Opportunity Information Edited (email alert)" which sends an email notifying the Opportunity Approval Manager when a partner-managed opportunity is edited.  This is sufficient for most organizations that just want to be advised when changes are made, without removing the opportunity from published search.

But for those who do wish opportunities to be removed for review anytime an edit is made -- the workflow "Notification of Volunteer information Edited - Field Update" is now available for use.  If turned on, be sure to advise your partners that any edits they make will cause their opportunity to be unpublished until re-approved by your organization.   It is recommended that if you do opt to use this, you also leave "Notification of Volunteer Opportunity Information Edited (Email Alert) on -- so you know to review and republish the opportunity.


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