2.5 Release Patch 5

This release focuses on usability enhancements for Basic Portal customers and some usability and bug fixes for all customers.

Improvements for All Customers

Connection Grid Order

Connection Grid Order

Based on feedback received from customers we improved the order of the columns in the Connection Grid as follows:

  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Hours
  • Attendance Status
  • Date
  • Start Time
  • End Time
  • Guest Vols
  • Guest Hours
  • Decline Reason
  • Role
  • Team Name
  • Rating
  • Created Date

Team Sign-ups

There was a limitation on the number of team members that could sign up for an opportunity at a single time of 35.  We have increased the limit and now a team captain can sign up up to 100 Team members at once for a given occurrence.


Recurrence Object

Previously a recurrence and the related occurrences could only be created using the Visualforce Page associated with the recurrence object.  We improved the Apex Classes and Triggers associated with recurrences to allow for the related occurrence to be created every time a recurrence record is added, even when not using the visualforce page.  This will allow customers to develop new visualforce pages or forms for creating recurrences.

Thank you to Nashville for your support of this enhancement.

Sharing of Contacts with Partners

Although contacts and connections have been properly shared with Partner Staff, some contacts would not appear in views and reports because of a visibility limit on the record.  The visibility has been removed and all contacts that are shared with a Partner Staff will appear in views and reports.

Other Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • The "Managed By [name of HOConnect Customer] was added back to the Hover over on the Opportunity Calendar page.
  • Improvements were made to the "Volunteer Interest Notification," "Opportunity Sign-up Confirmation - Affiliate Managed - To Be Scheduled - Express Interest," and "Opportunity Sign-up Confirmation - Ongoing Opportunity" workflow rules to not send when a connection is created in Status= Confirmed.

There were a few improvements to the Setup that the support team has deployed to improve your instance:

  • Outbound Messages - The Staff profile was granted the permission to send outbound messages.  This is used to send out the real-time updates when a Staff users makes a change.
  • Sharing rules for custom objects - As a back-up for customers that remove the "Delete" permission from the Staff profile, the team added sharing rules for the custom objects in HandsOn Connect so that Staff could still have access to the records to make edits.
  • Email Deliverability - Email Security Compliance was enabled to improve email deliverability.
  • Organization Overview - this panel that was present at the top of the Organization page layout allowed a user to grant portal access to all associated contacts.  This shortcut was creating errors in the sharing of records so we removed the Overview panel.  Portal access should be granted through the Contact Overview panel on the contact record.

Basic Portal Improvements

The following are improvements that only impact customers utilizing the HandsOn Connect Basic Portal

When using the look-up for contact related fields, the search filter only applied to the page one we currently viewing.  This has been improved to search across all the contacts available in the look-up.

Volunteer Opportunity Creation Wizard Improvements

Volunteer Opportunity Creation Wizard Improvements
  • A Partner Staff can assign another contact within their organization as the opportunity coordinator
  • When creating a Volunteer Opportunity with custom question, the related questions are not longer created in duplicate when the record is edited.
  • When editing a custom question, it moved the status of the volunteer opportunity to "null" which is not a valid status.  Editing the custom question does not change the status.
  • Days & Times Needed is now captured in the Salesforce instance for To Be Scheduled opportunities.

Schedule a Volunteer Improvements

There were a number of improvements to the Schedule a Volunteer page:

  • When a connection is created, the connection is created in Confirmed status, even for express interest volunteer opportunities.
  • Connections created for past occurrences or past dates & times are set to Attendance Status = Attended (and Hours Verified)
  • Can now schedule up to 52 connections at once.
  • When creating a connection for a To Be Schedule volunteer opportunity, the End Date is now shown in the Occurrence grid so you don't create a connection beyond the end date of the occurrence.
  • Messaging added to Step 2 when editing the volunteer opportunity telling user to make changes to the dates and times at the occurrence record(s)
  • Error message clarified when scheduling a volunteer and not selecting a date or time.
  • After scheduling a volunteer and closing the page, user is returned to the opportunity detail page instead of the manage volunteers page.
  • List of available volunteer opportunities was improved to remove opportunities that are in pending or awaiting approval status.
  • Partner Staff users are now able to edit an occurrence record.
  • On the Occurrence detail page, the answers to the custom questions are now present when you expand the custom question.
  • Success message displayed after creating a new occurrence
  • When canceling an occurrence you are now presented with a confirmation message in order to cancel.
  • Guest Volunteer fields is properly displaying what is in the Occurrence record in Salesforce.
  • View on Public Site button takes user to the Opportunity Detail Page instead of the search page to see all the available occurrences.

Other Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Under Manage Opportunities, the "Active Opportunities" was updated to only show volunteer opportunities with an active and upcoming occurrence.  Those that were active, but no longer appear on the public site have been moved the the renamed "Expired and Pending Opportunities" grid
  • Checkboxes and Select All on the Verify volunteers page have been fixed so that they update correctly when checked.
  • When a new Organization Contact is added, they are no longer given a Volunteer license and the Partner Approval Manager for that organization is notified.
  • Mark Inactive has been removed as an action option.  Submit for Approval action only appears for non-active opportunities
  • The Action column on the Manage Volunteers page was moved to the first column of the grid and the search filter on that page was improved.
  • On the Manage Volunteer page the age column was replaced with Over 18? to maintain volunteer's privacy and the columns were improved so that first name appears first and is used for the sorting.


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