HOC Releases (April 18-23, 2019)

This release includes additional security improvements, additional merge tokens for the sharing portal email templates feature introduced in the last release, and improvements to reporting in the sharing portal. Here are some bug fixes included in this release.

Bug Fix:  Add to Calendar showing wrong time for opportunities in national organizations (HOC3-8986)

For organizations with volunteer opportunities in multiple time zones - HandsOn Connect practice has always been to set the time of an opportunity to the time it will take place at its local location rather than making any adjustment based on time zones(i.e. you do not have to change the time of the opportunity if your Salesforce Org is on the East Coast and the opportunity is on the West Coast. If its taking place at 6 pm in Los Angeles, you still say the opportunity takes place at 6 pm).

This works great on the website, and in email confirmations, as all opportunities take place at the stated time of the people who will be volunteering locally.  However, because the files that are generated to allow a user to add an opportunity to their personal calendar after signing up were translating the opportunity time to the time zone your SF instance is set to.  So, for an organization with a SF instance set to East Coast Time, posting an opportunity that takes place at 6:00 pm in Los Angeles, when you used 'add to calendar' - it showed up on your calendar as 3 pm!  Yikes. Confusing.  (It's confusing just to try to follow this). Luckily, this was only an issue for national organizations posting opportunities that take place in different time zones.

In this release we've resolved this bug by making a time zone adjustment on the downloadable file used to add items to personal calendars (apple calendar, google calendar, outlook calendar). The adjustment takes into account the location the opportunity is taking place in, so that 'add to calendar' will automatically show the correct local time on personal calendars.  So just as on the website, a project taking place at 6 in Los Angeles will show up as 6pm on personal calendars as well as on the website (even though the project doesn't really take place until 9 pm eastern time).

Confused?  Don't worry.  Just keep posting times as you've done - and rest assured that the correct time will now appear when people add an opportunity to their local, personal calendar.

Bug Fix: Possessive words showing an additional comma on the public site (HOC3-9272)

Some sites reported that possessive words in event descriptions showed on the public site with an additional comma.  Example:  The Forsyth County Governor',s Volunteer Service Award Breakfast Table....

This issue has been corrected.

Bug Fix:  Volunteer Leaders unable to email volunteers from the sharing portal (HOC3-9318)

This bug was detected and quickly fixed.  Its once again possible to send emails to volunteers from the sharing portal.

Bug Fix: Emails not sent to Partner Approval Manager when partner requests sharing portal access for an organization contact

Another bug that came up shortly after the sharing portal email templates were introduced.  This too was quickly fixed.


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