August, 2018 Release

This month's release of fixes in our HOC applicaiton for Salesforce fixes some annoying bugs and behaviors that occasionally crop up.  We also have an administrative update that System Administrators of organizations using lightning should take action on.  (It'll improve your lightning experience, as we bring you the first two HandsOn Connect Lightning Components! Read on!

Bug Fix: Unable to update a contact's email address (HOC-1171)

When updating a contact's email address, all related records in which that contact's email address has been brought over must also be updated.  In isolated cases, a single contact (like an Opportunity Coordinator for many opportunities and occurrences), Salesforce was not able to perform the update due to the number of records. Instead you got a delightful error message like this:

Error:Apex trigger HOC.contactTrigger caused an unexpected exception, contact your administrator: HOC.contactTrigger: System.LimitException: Apex CPU time limit exceeded

The apex code that manages these mass updates has been improved, and the contact trigger will now be able to handle as many records as it needs to update as a result of a change to the email address or contact name.


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