HOC 3.0 Release Notes - 3.0.25 (May 25, 2017)

This release features a number of behind the scenes improvements that improve the CMS, makes visual improvements to varius site templates, and offers a number of new customization options for CMS blocks.  You can customize your website more deeply without needing a line of code!  Here's some highlights:

General CMS Improvements

A number of improvements were made to the CMS:

  • Pages and forms required for use by the system can no longer be deleted.  (Example, confirmation pages, registration forms) (HOC3-1693).    If you do not wish a system page or menu item to be displayed, just uncheck the 'enabled' box.
  • Improvements made to the operation of a number of CMS blocks (HOC3-1934)
  • Improvements to individual blocks (see below)
CMS: Video Block Improvement (HOC3-1951)
  •  Video blocks can now include a TITLE for the video, and a summary description.  (HOC3-1951)
CMS: Basic Search Block much more customizable (HOC3-1952)

The basic search block can now be customized in many more ways:

  • Enable/Disable distance field.
  • Can add custom text for the labe of each field, and the placeholder (suggested content or format for the field entry) for all fields and buttons.  Leave blank to use defaults.
  • The capability to display Date field in the block.
  • The ability to display the widget in either standard format (box) of lineal format  (vertically across the page!)
CMS: Sponsor Block improvements (HOC3-1955)

The sponsor block now has options to:

  • Add a summary field per each sponsor
  • If the summary field is filled in when the user passes the cursor over the sponsor image (frontend) the summary field appears as a tooltip.
CMS: Image Block Improvement (HOC3-1958)

Image block now offers a 'summary' field which adds a caption below the image.


Sharing Portal: Report performance Improvements

For those who have enabled reporting in the sharing portal for partners, performance has been improved.

  • Addressed long 'please wait' dialogs that do not go away (HOC3-1950)
  • Added filters to tabular reports  (making it possible for partner to search through reported data in tabular reports

Important Information to understand about reports:

Reports you create for partners must include at least one of the following objects in order for it to work in the partner portal:

  • Account
  • Case
  • Connection
  • Location
  • Occurrence
  • Recurrence
  • Registration Answer
  • Volunteer Opportunity
  • Volunteer Team

So a report of report type = Contacts  would not run in the partner portal.  This is due to the way sharing is handled to return only relevant information for each partner organization.

Also - when you create reports for use in the sharing portal - we don't recommend putting in columns with items like ID identifiers, etc.   Remember, these won't mean anything to your partners. Make your reports simple and only display fields that are relevant and will make sense to your partners.

If you wish to have reporting enabled for your sharing portal, please open a request in a support ticket. Be sure to specify which report folder contains the reports you wish to mace accessible to your partner organizations.

Advanced Registration System and Form improvements (HOC3-2318)

We continue to expand the capabilities of what custom forms can capture and do in HandsOn Connect.

Forms now have the capability of automatically capturing information such as:

  • User ID of logged in user
  • Current Date and Time
  • Current Date and Time when the form is submitted

This makes it possible to build custom feedback and survey forms, and associate form information with the contact record of the logged in user.

Forms in the CMS is an exciting feature making it possible to capture all kinds of data from your users.  However, configuring Advanced Registration flows and standalone forms has a high level of complexity and requires advanced training, skills and knowledge.  

If you need a custom form for your HOC site, open a zendesk ticket and we can quote you a price for building custom forms for you that bring data into your Salesforce instance.

We also can quote you pricing on specialized training for advanced HOC users who wish to build their own forms and registration flows.

Also addressed was a problem that resulted when commas were used in form picklists.  (HOC3-3176)

Bug Fix: Difficulties exiting CMS mode (HOC3-3204)

Some users were experiencing difficulty exiting from CMS mode and returning to Salesforce. This has been fixed.


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