HOC Release Notes (Nov 10, 2021)

This release features additional improvements to accessibility giving  screen reader functionality in complex pages such as the calendar, and additional ability to select all HOC features using keyboard controls. This release also includes additional security improvements.  It also includes additional improvements to error messages to clarify when data is entered incorrectly in dates.  As always, a number of under the hood improvements have been made to smooth and improve operations.  Here's a few fixes and improvements in this week's release.

Bug Fix: Ability to select organizations in partner portal wasn't working in mobile (HOC3-15012)

For contacts who have been given access to manage more than one organization in the partner portal, the ability to select which organization they wanted to manage wasn't accessible in the mobile view of the website.  This has been fixed.

(Advanced) Custom Session Variables now available for use in listing blocks and search result blocks  (HOC3-14527, HOC3-14719))

Advanced users can create custom system variables for the account or contact object by going to CMS / ADD-Ons / Custom System Variables.  This will create a custom system variable that can be used for advanced filtering in listing blocks.


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