HOC Release Notes (April 1, 2021)

It's April Fools Day but this week's release is no joke.  Updates were made to the ckeditor library used in the CMS, improvements made to reduce API calls made to Salesforce, and a variety of internal fixes and improvements. Here are the highlights of new, visible features.

Visibility of Login Block now controllable in CMS (HOC3-13549)

Its now possible to change the format of the Login Block that appears on the public site.  It can be displayed as either a button, or as a Link with Icon.  There is also an option to hide the ability to log-in altogether on a site.  (This would force people to log in either on the page yoursiteurl.org/login or when signing up for a volunteer opportunity.).  You also can set the color of the text by if you want to override the default settings associated with the color scheme of your site.    To access this block, click on the edit icon in the upper right of the Login block.    Login displayed as button:


Login displayed as icon with text (default)


Language Selector made more intuitive (HOC3-13286)

Improvements are being made to the language selector on sites where more than one language is available.  The language selector will now display each language in its own language. (i.e. Español instead of Spanish.  Improvements will be made in the next release to provide a better selector on mobile and tablet devices.

New payment processing option for e-checks available in forms donation component through authorize.net (HOC3-13439)

The payment component that can be added to a form using the form builder, now has a third payment processor option:  Integration with https://www.authorize.net/ .    Authorize.net allows payments to be made either via credit card OR via an electronic check.  


When submitting at authorize.net you can select between credit card and bank account for making your donation

Bug Fix: Back button support for opportunity search result/filters (HOC3-13669)

The new search results block was clearing/resetting your results when users click 'back' out of an opportunity listing.  This problem was only resulting when using Microsoft Edge as a browser.  This has been fixed.

Bug Fix: Saved searches for specific date ranges (HOC3-13669)

The New Search was not accurately creating saved search URLs when saving a filtered search by Date Range.  This has been fixed.

Bug fix:  Searches for all volunteer opportunities for a given organization didn't return correct results (HOC3-13727)

When an organization name had a “,” character in it's name the search results were not working as expected.  This has been fixed.


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