HOC Release Notes (May 12, 2022)

This release provides under the hood improvements to make HOC public sites operate more efficiently when interacting with Salesforce.  It also provides some bug fixes and new features as described below:

Forms: Payment Component - Super-Simple Single-Page Shopping Cart Feature (HOC3-15866)

The current payment component in forms can now be used to create a simple shopping cart.  When adding items to a payment component, you can change the word "Donate" to "Pay" - and use the new "Allow Select Multiple Amount" and "Display Add/Remove Buttons" as well as "Display amount vertically settings, to build a simple shopping cart.   Users can then select multiple items (adding or removing them), and see a Total cost for their selections.


This would appear on the page something like this:

Forms: Payment Component - Ability to bring in amount due to a form (HOC3-15571

When using the form builder Payment Component, there are circumstances where one might use it for the user to submit a payment for membership renewal, for example.

In this case, a Salesforce Opportunity is created beforehand with a specific amount the user owes. They are sent an email with a link to a payment form with the Salesforce ID of the opportunity in the URL so we know what bill they are paying.

You set the form to Edit, so it pulls the Opportunity detail into the form. But the Amount field did not allow this. The Amount field of the Payment Component now allows you to map it to a currency field in the related Salesforce object and prepopulate it.

Note that the following fields are hidden when the amount is pre-populated.

  • Salesforce Field for Label
  • Salesforce Field for Amount
  • Salesforce Field for Transaction ID
  • Salesforce Field for Transaction Status
  • Salesforce Field for Transaction Payment Method
Listing Block: Ability to hide date or time in date/time fields (HOC3-15748)

When using the a Listing Block shown as a Data Table, field formatting for Date/Time now allows not showing the date or the time.  The reason is that many times for a Date/Time field you just want to show in the data table just the date or time portion.

Both the Date Format and Time Format picklists now have an option to hide the date or time, correspondingly.

Verification email language clarified. (HOC3-15850)

The language explaining verification codes during registration has been clarified.

Bug Fix:  Share via email not working (HOC3-15882)

The social network share icon for sharing a volunteer opportunity via email was not working. (Enabled in CMS via Blocks / System Forms / Opportunity Detail Page) This has been fixed.  The email icon if displayed on opportunity detail page will now allow you to send an email with the link populated:

Tickets and Travel — Gmail Troutco (Imap)
Tickets and Travel — Gmail Troutco (Imap)
Ability to filter on any of the four schedule types (HOC3-15897)

In search results blocks and featured opportunity blocks its now possible to filter based on any of the four schedule types:

Tickets and Travel — Gmail Troutco (Imap)


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