Release Notes - June 2019

This update to the HOC package in Salesforce adds new fields to support new optional features, and fixes a minor bug.

By the way -- Lightning doesn't provide a way for us to put the current release logo in view (so you only see the June logo in classic.  But you can always check what release you are in by going to Setup / Installed Packages and checking the Version Number of the package "HOC".   The June release is version number 2.5441

Support for option to allow team captains to reserve space for Unnamed Team Members (HOCAVV-1227)

Changes were made to the package to provide support for the new optional feature to allow Team Captains to sign up anonymous volunteers.  See this article for details on this feature and how it works!  

To support this feature, a new checkbox field was added to the Volunteer Event, Volunteer Opportunity and Occurrence objects.  The new field in each object is called "Allow Reservation of Anonymous Slots". See this article for instructions on enabling this feature and updating page layouts to include this field necessary for this feature.

Bug Fix:  Workflow for sending email when declining individually scheduled opportunities with schedule (HOCAVV-1232)

The workflow "Volunteer Status has been declined for Individually Scheduled v2" sends an email to a volunteer when a connection for an individually scheduled opportunity / express interest with schedule is administratively set to declined. However, it was not working as expected if you choose to decline an ISO with schedule opportunity.  This has been fixed, and the email "Volunteer Status has been declined for individually scheduled will now be sent as expected.

For the record - this is the default email that is sent when you decline a volunteer for a date they have expressed interest in for an ISO - EI With Schedule:

The text of this email can, (like all email templates) be modified by you to better suit your purposes.

Note:  Because there is no need to decline a connection made to an ISO - Express Interest Only opportunity -- there is no email or workflow associated with that.


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