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HOC3 Release Notes and (Jan 25, Feb 8, 2018)

The majority of items in were internal improvements. includes a number of other internal improvements and some user visible improvements including visual improvements to the optional "search Result block" being used by some customers,

Sharing Portal: Volunteer Opportunity List Page User Interface Improvement (HOC3-3571)

Based on feedback from many partners using the sharing portal, and requests from many of you, we've made an update to the Volunteer Opportunity listing page (used to choose which Volunteer Opportunity you wish to view and/or edit) to make it less confusing for partners.

Previously, on this page were two actions for a volunteer opportunity: View and Edit.   But the majority of actions one wants to take with a volunteer opportunity (see the connections, confirm connections, add or edit occurrences) all take place when viewing the opportunity detail page.  The need to 'edit' the volunteer opportunity is quite limited.  And yet, people kept clicking on the edit button when they really needed to view the opportunity detail page.

Now, the action buttons are gone - and the name of the Volunteer Opportunity is a hyperlink which will take you directly to the volunteer opportunity detail page.

From there you can either view the volunteer opportunity, edit the opportunity description itself, or work with any of the related lists of occurrences and connections.


Improvement for HOC clients not using Self-Reporting (HOC3-6115)

HandsOn Connect automatically creates 'self reported volunteer opportunities' for partner organizations, which are used when self-reporting is turned on in a HOC instance.

However, this was confusing to partners of organizations that are not allowing volunteers to self-report service.

To clear up this confusion for partners, the Self-Reported Volunteer Opportunity for an organization will no longer be visible to partners in the sharing portal, if Self-Reporting is not active on your public site.

CMS - Volunteer Registration - Ability to set default country (HOC-5869)

The CMS now allows you to make the County field visible and/or required, and to set a default value.  If you are only working in one country, don't make this field visible, and choose the default country you wish all volunteer contact addresses to be populated with.

Bug Fixes

A number of  bugs were addressed and fixed.  Among these:

  • Deleting Pages: Fixed an issue where problems resulted when two CMS pages were given the same friendly URL and you tried to delete one of them (HOC3-5751)
  • Forms: For advanced users of forms who are using the form requirement that a user needs to log in, the user was being redirected to the my account page after logging in.  Now, when logging in via a form, the user will remain on the form page.  (HOC3-5891)
  • My Account Page - When someone had a connection in pending status -- the connection was listed as both "Pending" and "Pending Approval".  The duplication has been removed.  (HOC3-5947)
  • Check-In Kiosk QR Code URLs -- an issue where some sites were experiencing non-working URLs for QR codes (Access Passes) has been fixed.  (HOC3-6070)
  • Team Captains were able to sign up more team members than available slots: (HOC3-5749) In some public site templates, it was possible for a team member, when editing the team signups for an occurrence, to sign up more team members than the number of available slots.  This has been fixed.
  • Minor Waiver on File Required: The rarely used opportunity sign-up restriction "Minor Waiver on File Required" - was requiring ALL contacts to have the 'minor waiver on file" checkbox on the contact record.  This has been fixed, so that only minors who do not have this checkbox checked will be prevented from signing up for the opportunity.

Note: The "Minor Waiver on File Required" restriction is generally only used if your organization requires any minor to have a parental waiver turned in, and on file in your office, before you will allow a minor to sign up.  The restriction is only useful if you are going to require this paperwork to be turned in for minors (before signing up for the project), AND you will update their contacts to indicate that you do in fact, have their minor waiver on file.  

Do not use this restriction if you are not doing the administrative work on the back end of the system to indicate which minors do and don't have a minor waiver on file.


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