HOC Release Notes (Jan 7, 2021)

Happy New Year!  This release brings some nice new improvements to forms, as well as support for google analytics new tracking tag type, and an improvement to listing blocks. It also has 'under the hood' improvements to search pages which will be released to everyone in the coming months.  Here's the highlights:

Support for new Google Site Tag (HOC3-12904)

Users of Google Analytics may have received notification that google as a new form of Google Analytics tag.  The original analytics tags began with UA.  The new tags begin with GA4.

HOC now supports use of the GA4 tags in addition to the UA tags from google.

To update your google analytics tracking code, go to the CMS, and select Add-Ons / Sitewide settings. See this article.


Forms can now be broken into sections with multiple columns(HOC3-13269)

HandsOn Connect forms have always had a very simple layout, displaying each field on its own line.  Now we've introduced "Sections" - which allows you to define a section of a form where you want the fields to appear in 2, 3, or 4 columns within that section.


Banners and Alerts

Here's how to create sections:
1). From the field list, in the Extra Section, select "Section" and drag it onto the form:


You can set the name (label) of the section, the number of columns (1 - 4), and whether or not to show a border around the section:



Now, drag the fields you want in the section directly over the Section in the form. (rather than in a blank spot of the form). Release the field, and it will become part of that section, and sized to fit the number of columns:

Banners and Alerts

You can drag as many fields as you wish into any section you create, and they will be sized to fit the number of selected columns.

Forms: Account ID can now be added as a hidden field (HOC3-12589)

When adding a hidden field to a form, it is now possible to set the hidden field to bring in the Account ID of the logged in user. Use the token s:currentAccountID

Forms:  Picklist Configuration User Interface improvement (HOC3-12443)

When adding a picklist to a form, one can display picklist options from Salesforce either from the FIELD itself (the most typical use case), or from a Salesforce Listview (for advanced configurations).

Because most people displays options from the field, rather than the listview, we've rearranged these options and improved the display, as we've found users often selected listview (which was listed first), rather than field.   Here's the new, clearer layout of options:


Listing Block - Ability to set sort order in data tables (HOC3-13172)

When using a listing block in data table display format, its now possible to specify the sort order of the column you are sorting the table on.  




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