HOC Release Notes (July 06, 2023)

This release provides under the hood improvements to make HOC public sites operate more efficiently when interacting with Salesforce. It also provides some bug fixes and new features as described below:

New Features:

Updated Partner Portal Selector Modal (HOC3-17472)

The new Partner Portal Selector organizes the list of partners alphabetically by organization name. In addition, if the partner does not have a logo nothing appears versus showing a broken image.  

Ability to Capture Session ID (HOC3-17749)

There are many uses cases where you might not want to require a login to complete an action on your site. With this new feature we'll be able to capture the unlogged user's Session ID to associate them with actions completed on your site like utilizing a shopping cart. A Session ID in combination with an email address or another identification field would help you identify what actions was completed by who even if they do not have a registered account.

Custom Forms: Field Label Improvements (HOC3-17844)

We made improvements to custom forms when the field name of the mapped Object is the same as a related Object. With this update, custom forms will allow mapping of two different fields with the same name.

Bug Fixes:

Forms with Multiple Address Components (HOC3-17771)

Fixed an issue that caused a form error when there were multiple Address Components in one form.

Custom SOQL Listing Block Filter by Number Field (HOC3-17771)

Fixed an issue that prevented formula number fields from being used as a filter when a Listing Block used SOQL.

File URL missing in the Custom Form download data (HOC3-17791)

Fixed an issue that prevent file uploads from appearing in CMS data exports.

Subsites: Add/Move Regions (HOC3-17794)

Fixed an issue that prevented new regions from being added or moved on subsites.

Custom Forms: Date and Time Field (HOC3-17809)

Fixed an issue that caused an error (Event End Date/Time must be greater than Event Start Date/Time) to appear when the time portion was 12:XX PM and the other time is greater than 12 PM.

SharingPortal - Custom menu not persistent on non-home page (HOC3-17828)

Fixed an issue that caused a Custom Sharing Portal Menu not to appear on Sharing Portal pages.

Opportunity Sign-Up Confirmation Page (HOC3-17835)

Fixed an issue that prevented the add to Google Calendar option from appearing on the confirmation page after a volunteer signs up.

Required Fields in Kiosk Waiver (HOC3-17846)

Fixed an issue that prevented required fields from functioning properly in a kiosk form.

Formatting Issue with Bullets in VO Description (HOC3-17861)

Fixed a format inconsistency with indented bullets.

ARS - Not Saving Specific URL - Part I (HOC3-17864)

Fixed an issue with saving a specific URL in the Advanced Registration System (ARS).

ARS - Validation Error - Part II (HOC3-17870)

Added functionality to allow zero as a valid value to be used in branch logic with a number field.

Listing block seems to have lost auto-save (HOC3-17876)

Fixed the auto-save functionality with a Listing Block when it's saved by a CMS Admin.


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