HOC Release Notes (May 16, 2024)

This release provides under the hood improvements to make HOC public sites operate more efficiently when interacting with Salesforce. It also provides some bug fixes and new features as described below:

New Features:

Custom Form: Modal Window Width (LHH-17756)

We added a new option that allows you to set the width of the popup modal window when this setting is enabled in a custom form. The width setting only applies to the desktop version.

Custom Forms: Don't Save Data to Database (LHH-19300)

In some scenarios you may not want sensitive data saved in the CMS database. There is a new option that will prevent this in a custom form.

This option can be enabled for the whole form.


You can also enabled this for each question.

Volunteer Opportunity: Allow Sign Ups after Start Date and Time (LHH-19446)

You can now use negative values in the Registration cutoff (hours) fields on the Occurrence and Volunteer Opportunity. Using negative values will allow volunteers to sign up after the project's start time.

To allow negative values the Check Registration Deadline validation rules must be turned off on the Occurrence and Volunteer Opportunity.

Custom Form: Form Visibility (LHH-19544)

The Visible To setting is now public! You can control form visibility for custom forms and set it to the following:

  1. All Users
  2. Logged Users
  3. Unlogged Users
  4. Logged Users by Session Variable.

Bug Fixes:

Sharing Portal Report Improvements (LHH-19321)

We added improvements to how sharing portal reports are rendered when a contact has partner staff access for multiple organizations. Our improvements include using the Managing Organization ID as the unique identifier when generating data.

Custom Forms: Can't use logic when picklist values come from Salesforce field (LHH-19562)

Fixed an issue that prevented users from using logic on picklist values generated from Salesforce.

Export Volunteer History (LHH-19570)

Fixed an issue that prevented volunteers from exporting their volunteer history from their account overview page.

Custom Forms: Picklist Values Not Appearing (LHH-19589)

We added improvements for when a custom form is stored in cache and pulling picklist values from Salesforce.

Volunteer Teams: Adding New Team Member Signups (LHH-19614)

Fixed an issue that prevented Teams from adding new Team Members to a project after the initial sign up.

Volunteer Team Check-In (LHH-19588)

Improved the system's handling of teams with special characters in their names.

Page Automatic URL (LHH-19591)

Improved how the system's handling of automatica URLs when there is a change to the page's title.

Pending Team Registrations (LHH-19612)

Fixed an issue that caused pending team registrants to be assigned a username before they actually registered on the volunteer site.


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