HOC Release (March 7, 2019)

This release continues to add 'under the hood' improvements to performance and flexibility in the system. There have also been some grammatical improvements to some of the help tips within the CMS system.  Here are some of the most notable improvements in this release.

Improvements and added visibility to Google Maps (HOC3-7385)

We've updated the way we use Google maps in HandsOn Connect, to take advantage of the latest updates to the Google Mapping system.

As you know, Google Maps are displayed to volunteers when they look at the 'location details" on the public site.

For those of you who have made the request to allow sharing portal users to View and Edit locations in the sharing portal -- Viewing a location will now also display the google map that Volunteers will see on the public site.

If you do not have the locations menu item in your sharing portal, and you wish your partners and/or volunteer leaders to have the ability to view and/or edit location records -- open a ticket and request we activate this for you.

In your request - specify which profile(s) Partner and/or Volunteer Leader.  And whether each should have permission to edit (or just to view)

NOTE:  If you'd rather keep things simple - there is no need to add this menu item.  Partners will still be able to create or select existing locations when creating Volunteer Opportunities and Occurrences.

Improvement to Volunteer Registration Options:  Smart Phone Number option (HOC3-8768)

There have been several slightly irritating issues about getting volunteer phone numbers in HandsOn Connect that have vexed some of our users.

  1. While you could choose which of four numbers to display in the form ("Home Phone, Work Phone, Mobile Phone, Other Phone") you couldn't require a volunteer to fill in at least one of them.  You COULD require a mobile number,  but you couldn't require (for example) EITHER a mobile number or a home number.
  2. If you were only interested in two phone numbers, and you chose to display the field "Main Phone Type", it still showed a picklist of all 4 phone types, even if you only showed 2 of them to be populated.
  3. If a volunteer selected their Main Phone Type to be "Mobile" - and then they didn't put a value in Mobile Phone Number -- their primary phone number in SF would be blank.  

In this release we've made it possible to resolve these issues for those who wish to make it required for volunteers to fill in at least one phone number, and have it correspond to the Main Phone Type they indicate.  (Which populates the field "Primary Phone?" in the contact record in Salesforce)

See this article for information on how to:

1) Limit the options for "Main Phone Type" to less than all four phone types.

2) Require that the user populates the phone number for the Main Phone Type they select.

If you are happy with the way you're capturing phone numbers now - no action is needed on your part.  Your Registration Form (and personal info page) will continue to work as it has been working.

Bug Fix:  Column Headings in wrong place in exported form data (HOC3-8737)

When exporting .csv files containing form data through the CMS,  in some cases the column headers were being split across multiple columns making the exported form hard to read.

This was due to certain characters, like columns, that were sometimes used in forms, and created confusion when exported into csv files.

The issue has been corrected and forms exported as .csvs will have column headers properly placed so that you know which responses correspond to which columns :-)

TIP:  Keep in mind that the 'field name' you use in a form is going to be the column heading for the data that users submit.  Keep your Field Names short and clear, and use help tips in forms (or descriptive sections) to avoid having long field names like "Tell us a bit about yourself, your history as a volunteer, and why you want to be of service to your community?"

If you make this the text field name they populate, then the heading on your exported file is going to be very very wide.  Use some introductory text before the field, (or a help tip for the field) and call the field something like "My volunteer story".   It'll make reading your exported data so much easier

Bug Fix: Team Signup for opportunities with pre-requisites (HOC3-8797)

For advanced users creating volunteer opportunities with prerequisites - we've found that during team sign-up, the team members who signed up for the prerequisite opportunity, were not being signed up for the opportunity that required the prerequisite.  This has been fixed and team members will be properly connected to both the original opportunity and its prerequisite.

Click and Pledge Donation Form allows phone number to be 'not required" (HOC3-8907)

Its now possible, if creating a donation form for Click and Pledge - to ask for a phone number but NOT make it required.

Bug Fix: Emails sent from sharing portal not merging <start date time>. (HOC3-9037)

When sending emails to connections via the sharing portal - the default email message has a number of merge tokens that bring in info about the connection.  It was recently observed that the merge field <start date time> was not being merged and was left blank in the emails sent.   This has been fixed.  The start, date and time of the connection will be properly populated when this token is used in the email."

Volunteer Registration updated to comply with GDPR (HOC3-8940)

In order to comply with GDPR, the communication preferences checkboxes in the Volunteer Registration form have been changed from opt-out, to opt-in.   A volunteer must choose to opt-in to receive communications by checking the box (if these fields are displayed on your registration form.)



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