February, 2017 Release Notes

The February 2017 release will be rolled out to customers between February 7 and 14.  It features an improvement to the contents of volunteer history and upcoming opportunities, and a couple of irksome bugs.  The items in this release affect all HOC customers, whether using version 2.0 or 3.0.

New features and functionality continue to be added to HOC 3.0, which will be introducing the new "Express Interest Only" volunteer opportunity type in a pilot this month. Please see HOC 3 release notes as they continue to be added to this forum for previews of exciting new functionality in HandsOn Connect 3.0.

Improved: Display of Upcoming Opportunities and Volunteer History in volunteer's "My Account" page. (HOCAVV-835)

A number of issues and suggestions related to "Upcoming Opportunities" and "Volunteer History" on a volunteer's Upcoming Opportunity page have been addressed and improved.  Pending, Cancelled, and not-attended connections will not be part of history. Connections that are not properly scheduled will not appear and clutter up history and upcoming opportunities.

The following rules will be determine what is and isn't displayed:

Upcoming Opportunities:

  • Only Confirmed and Pending Opportunities with a start date and time < the present time will appear in Upcoming Opportunities.
  • Connections that do not have a start date and time or end date and time will NOT be displayed as upcoming opportunities.


Volunteer History:  

  • Will only display connections that are in confirmed status.  Connections that were never confirmed and are now in the past will not be displayed.
  • Will only display connections that have both a start date and time and end date and time.
  • Will only display confirmed connections with attendance status of attended or please verify.   If attendance status is 'not attended' it will not be displayed as volunteer history.
  • The "Print Volunteer History" link will produce a .pdf that follows the same rules as for Volunteer History, but will also include Self-Reported Volunteer Opportunities.


Fixed: Publishing Volunteer Opportunity was not publishing all occurrences (HOCAVV-835)

A regression in the process of publishing a new volunteer opportunity has been fixed. It was discovered that when using the Volunteer Opportunity Wizard to create a new date & time specific Volunteer Opportunity with a recurrence, that clicking on "Publish" on the Volunteer Opportunity Record did not automatically also publish and make active all the related occurrences.

This has been fixed and now publishing a new Volunteer Opportunity will automatically also publish and make active, all upcoming, pending occurrences.

Note:  In order to see the updated posting status of the occurrences in the occurrences related list on the volunteer opportunity page immediately, you'll need to refresh the page.  But rest assured that the occurrences will be published and made active.

Fixed: Errors when confirming Individually Scheduled Opportunity connections (HOCAVV-842)

There were reports of circumstances in which confirming individually scheduled opportunity connections in the connection grid resulted in an error message saying "The start and end date and time must be populated".  This message appeared even when the dates were, in fact, populated.

This error message validation rules have been fixed.  Please let us know if you encounter other inappropriate error messages when confirming connections.



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