HOC Release Notes (June 10, 2021)

This release includes improvements in translations for multi-lingual sites, the usual internal improvements for site efficiency, and a few new CMS features. Highlights are below:

ARS:  Allow for null/empty conditions in branch logic (HOC3-13545)

In the ARS, branch logic allows you to specify conditions that determine where to branch in the ARS workflow.  In this release, in addition to the existing branch logic operators "is equal to" and "is not equal to" - we've added operators that can respond if a field does or doesn't have data in it.  These new operators are "is empty" (for null or missing values), and "is not empty" for conditions in which some data already exists in a given field.

Ability to customize /volunteer-skills page header (HOC3-14087)

For organizations using the  /volunteer-skills page, the default content for the page includes 1) Default Text, 2) an update button near the top of the page, and 3 and 4) two hard-coded questions (which are relevant only if you are using SF to do skilled volunteer searches and send 'invitations' to sign up for certain skilled opportunities.  You can also change the title of the page from "Volunteer Skills Profile For (5)


It's now possible to customize the introductory text on this page, and choose to hide the update button and the two questions that may not be relevant to the way you're using volunteer skill ratings.  

To do so, go to CMS / Blocks / System Forms / Skill Page

There you can turn off the update button at top, the two questions regarding 'invitations' and the title of the page and/or the introductory text:

Forms: Calculation Field available (HOC3-14178)

When using a form to input numerical values, its now possible to add a calculation field which will display on the form the sum total of the inputted numeric values.   This can be found in the field types in forms, labeled "Calculate" .    You then indicate which items you wish to calculate and it will automatically sum those values:

Banners and Alerts
Support for Google Tag Manager (HOC-14103)

HandsOn Connect has offered google analytics integration before, but recently Google has introduced a new analytics tool called Google Tag Manager.   For those who wish to start using google tag manager -- the CMS now supports both Google Analytics Code (as before), and the new Google Tag Manager codes.   To use Google Tag Manager codes go to CMS / Add Ons / Sitewite settings, and select 'Enable Google Tag Manager"


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