HOC Release Notes (Nov 15, 2018)

This release brings significant improvements to using the Advanced Registration System for opportunity signup, as well as a variety of bug fixes to the ARS.  We continue to make more system pages in the system editable if you want to change the default content or labels.  

More modern look for sharing volunteer opportunities on public site (HOC3-8400)

We're working to improve your social media options in HOC.  We'll be working towards improving your ability to add metatags to various system pages in the system.

With this release, we've improved the look and feel of sharing opportunities from the Opportunity Detail Page.  We've replaced the aged 'Add to any" interface, with a new one called "Addthis".  The result is a more attractive look with icons for the most popular social media sites and a + button giving access to sharing opportunities in hundreds of ways.

Improved look for Password Strength Meter (HOC3-8317)

We've improved the style and look of the password strength meter that appears when you create your password during registration.  Much nicer looking!

CMS - Ability to edit Volunteer Overview Page (HOC3-8308)

A new form has been added to the CMS making it possible to change labels and content on the My Account / Overview PAGE at /volunteer-account-overview.   We recommend the defaults - but if you wish to customize the terminology or info on this page - you now have access to do it.

Here's the page as it exists by default:

System Block for customizing Overview Page

allows you to override the default text and labels.

NOTE:  Leave fields and sections blank to continue displaying the default content.

In CMS / Blocks / System Forms  is a new form called "Overview". - It allows you to change the following if desired:



CMS: Advanced Registration System opportunity signup now supports team signups as well as individual (HOC3-7234)

Previously, the ARS, when used for opportunity sign-up - only ran its workflow when an individual signed up.  Now, the same ARS will be triggered when someone signs up a team during opportunity signup!

Consider however, that questions you might ask in the form and data synching to Salesforce for an individual might need to be different for a team.  A simple question like "What is your T-shirt size" makes sense for an individual signup, but not a team signup.  But there's an easy solution for this:

If you want to capture different info for a team signup than for an individual signup -- consider asking a question "Are you a team captain signing up a team?" and then building branch logic to show certain questions if its an individual signup - or other questions if its a team sign up!


CMS bug fix: ARS opportunity signups now work with Individually Scheduled - Express Interest With Schedule Opportunities (HOC3-7844)

A bug was discovered where ARS workflows for opportunity signups did not execute when a volunteer expressed interest in multiple connections for an ISO-with schedule opportunity.  This has been fixed.

CMS bug fix: ARS opportunity sign-up does not go to correct success page (HOC3-8116). (HOC3-8343)

There were reports where in some workflows with branch logic, the ARS did not go to the correct success page at the end of the workflow.  This has been corrected.

Also corrected were situations in which the Opportunity Details were not displayed as expected on success page.  (i.e. Name of Opportunity, etc)


CMS bug fix: ARS Redirect fixed when requirement not met occurs (HOC3-8217)

Also corrected were instances in which the ARS did not return the user to the opportunity sign-up page when they didn't meet the signup requirements for the opportunity.

CMS: Listing Block now allows sorting by ascending or descending order (HOC3-7735)

When creating or editing a listing block, where the source is a content type -- you now have the option of sorting either alphabetically or by created date.  And you can now change the sort direction so that the sort is in either ascending or descending order.

Note: Sorting is not available if you are using a list view as the source for the block.  (Sorting is handled in the list view itself in SF directly).


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