HOC Release Notes (April 13, 2023)

This release provides under the hood improvements to make HOC public sites operate more efficiently when interacting with Salesforce. It also provides some bug fixes and new features as described below:

New Features

Form - Integrate Automated Recurring Billing (HOC3-17178)

The payment component in custom forms now allows recurring billing or auto renewal when using Stripe or PayPal.  You'll now see an option to set up recurring billing and the frequency. The frequency can be the following:

  • Day
  • Week
  • Month
  • Year

You'll also see an option to map the subscription information to a text field in Salesforce.


The end user will see a checkbox field that allows them to indicate if they want to opt into a recurring billing.

This is typically useful when collecting payments for memberships, but can easily be applied to other use cases.

Improved message in Team manage participant (HOC3-17310)

Changed the message: "The action cannot be completed because there is at least 1 member that requires an adult participation" to "The action could not be completed because one or more minors participating require an adult to participate."

The message applies to when a team captain attempts to remove all of the adult team members from a  volunteer opportunity with minor team members.

Listing Block: Improvements to Map Functionality (HOC3-17312)
  1. Changed the tooltip from "Indicates multiple events" to "Indicates multiple locations"
  2. Improved how Google Maps loads to prevent display errors.
Make Page Session Variable Options Public (HOC3-17321)

Custom Session Variables page visibility is now accessible to all CMS admins. Now you can configure page visibility based on custom variables that you create from Salesforce. A Custom Session Variable can essentially be any field on a Salesforce Object.

Payment component: Receipt and Transaction Page (HOC3-17324)

Added the transaction amount and label to the payment component's transaction page. This improvement provides clarity and consistency throughout the payment process and receipt.

Custom Forms: Tab to Navigate Fields (HOC3-17311)

Improved custom forms to allow the keyboard tab function to direct users to the next field instead of having to double press the tab key.

Custom Forms: Hide Date Placeholder

The date placeholder defaults to the current date. In some cases this may be confusing so we implemented an option to hide the placeholder in custom forms.

Bug Fixes

Custom Forms: Logic fails for multiple checkboxes (HOC3-17322)

Fixed an issue that caused sections in a form with logic to remain hidden after criteria was cleared.

Sharing Portal Connection: Start Date and Time field changes (HOC3-17282)

Fixed an issue in the sharing portal that caused the start date and time of a connection to change after selecting the end date and time field. This issue occurred when the time in the start date and time field was changed.

Registration Form: Password match error message (HOC3-17315)

Fixed the error message when entering a different password on the registration page. The error will say "This field must be equal to the field Password. "

Custom Forms: Object Changed (HOC3-17365)

Fixed an issue that prevented custom forms from loading the correct object that's associated with mapped fields.

Mobile Registration Error Messages Misaligned (HOC3-17341)

Fixed an issue that caused the error messages on mobile to overlap the corresponding field.

Custom Forms: Can't Select Current Date (HOC3-17366)

Fixed an issue that prevented the selection of the current date in a form.

Payment Component: Changing Values Error (HOC3-17385)

Fixed an issue that prevented CMS Admins from changing an existing label and value in the payment component.

Form Picklist from Listview not filtering when using a p parameter (HOC3-17390)

Fixed an issue that caused filtering by a p parameter to fail.


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