HOC Release Notes (July 30)

This release features improvements to forms (dependent picklist support), and to the Advanced Registration System (ARS) login workflow.  Here's the details:

Forms:  Support for Dependent Picklists (HOC3-10319)

When you add a picklist to a form, and set it to Sync Data with Salesforce and 'load picklist options from Salesforce Field", IF that picklist is a controller picklist field, you'll be able to add a second, dependent picklist have have its values controlled by the controlling picklist.

When you add the dependent picklist (also using 'load picklist options from Salesforce Field" a message will be displayed indicating that it is a dependent picklist.   It will then operate as it would in SF, only displaying values based on its dependency with the controlling picklist.

ARS Login workflow now can be applied to All logins types or standard login only (HOC3-11748)

The ARS workflow 'Basic Login' has been renamed to "login" and allows you to run the workflow for either or both forms of logging in (the login widget at the top of the page, and additionally, the pop-up that appears when you try to sign-up for an opportunity and have not logged in.

To configure:  AddOns / Advanced Registration / Log in

Then choose whether you want the workflow to apply to both "Standard Login and Login when signing up for an opportunity" (default), or if you only want the workflow to run when doing a standard login via the login widget in the upper right of all pages.

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