HOC 3 Release Notes (Sept 20, 2018)

In this release improvements were made to address occasional errors in finding the day's connections in the Check-In Kiosk, and a variety of small bugs that occasionally occurred were corrected.  Here's the highlights of this release.

Team Signups now validate all signup restrictions (HOC3-3904)

There were reports that the restrictions that were set for signup to a volunteer opportunity were not always enforced if a team was signing up.  Signing up as a team previously allowed team members to sign up even if the opportunity had these restrictions indicated:

  • Orientation Required
  • Maximum Age
  • Minor Waiver on File

Going forward - if these restrictions are set for an opportunity - then team members will be unable to be signed up if their contacts don't meet the restrictions specified.

Note:  This presents some challenges to teams signing up if these restrictions are placed on signup AND you allow team signups.  For example the members of a newly created team will not have gone through an orientation (and had their contact records updated), or have a minor waiver on file.

If you wish to apply these restrictions to opportunity sign up - you may want to consider turning off team signup for that occurrence / opportunity.  OR -- the only teams able to sign up will be those that were formed previously - and its members have registered, gone through the orientation, etc. BEFORE the team captain tries to sign them up for an opportunity.

Sharing Portal Improvement - Data Filters now include an 'All' option (HOC3-7911)

The various data grids used throughout the sharing portal have filters that allow you to decide which records to show by filtering them on a particular value.  Previously, there was a 'blank' value in these filters which few people understood to mean, "Apply no filter here" (i.e. show any value).  But few users understood what this meant or how to use it.

We've updated this filter selector to show the word "ALL" which means -- show all values for this filter.  So you are either filtering on a specific value or showing ALL values for that filter.  This is a much more intuitive user interface and should make the sharing portal data grids even easier to use.

Bug Fix: Only send one email per person when sending confirmation emails for Individually Scheduled Opportunities via sharing Portal (HOC3-7837)

Because a volunteer can express interest in multiple dates and times for an ISO with Schedule (by creating a recurring pattern), the opportunity coordinator typically might confirm ALL those connections at once.   Administratively, when you do this, only one confirmation email is sent.  However, in the sharing portal, it was discovered that multiple emails were being sent, one for each connection.  

This has been corrected.  If you select multiple connections for the same volunteer and mark them as confirmed at the same time - only one email will be sent to the volunteer letting them know they have been confirmed for one or more connections, and to check "My account" to see the dates and times they have been confirmed for.

Bug Fix: Add to ICalendar now works on IOS (HOC3-7741)

The 'add to calendar' function for confirmed volunteer opportunities, was producing an error when trying to add to iCalendar on an IOS device.  This has been fixed and will now work as expected.

Bug Fix: ARS not sending user to correct success page (HOC3-7967)

It was reported that for those using the ARS for opportunity signup, the flow was not sending the user to the correct success page (based on the opportunity type).  This has been corrected and the user will be sent to the correct Success Page as the last step in the ARS workflow.

Bug Fix: Drop a logo feature not always working in Header Logo Settings (HOC3-7993)

In some sites, the ability to drag and drop a picture to set a logo was not working. You could browse to a logo and successfully load it, but drag and drop did not work as expected.  This has been fixed.

Search Result block now allows you to show zipcode in location if desired (HOC3 - 8023)

The additional new field "Custom Sort" is for support staff use only.  It makes it possible for us to create custom sort orders if needed for special cases.  The "Soir Syntax" referred to here has to do with the language used by our search server.


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