HOC 3.0 Release Notes - 3.0.21 (April 26-28)

A number of improvements have been made to address issues on the public site and sharing portal that occurred when a large amount of data is called for.
(For example - you had a date and time specific opportunity with more than 100 occurrences available for sign up.  While this is not a good practice, HandsOn Connect is addressing issues like this to remove error messages, and to make speed and performance improvements, for organizations with a lot of data that must be displayed.

Among with these sort of infrastructure improvements, here's the most notable fixes and improvements.

Fixed: Registration Start Date Now works as expected (2299)

The occurrence field "Registration Start Date" now works as expected in HOC.  If you give an occurrence a "Registration Start Date" that's in the future, volunteers will not be able to sign up for the opportunity until that date.


Fixed: Sharing portal user permissions related to images (HOC3-2889)

Because the WYSWYG editor for volunteer opportunity descriptions was accessible in the sharing portal for partners, it was discovered that partners could inadvertanly choose to delete images from the CMS or other volunteer opportunities.

We are planning to create a schema to track ownership of individual images, so that a partner could only get access to their own images -- but to address the immediate problem, we've remolved the permission for any portal user to delete an image found in the image library.

Fixed: Users were able to create more than one connection for date and time specific opportunities (HOC3-2857)

When a user signed up for an opportunity and reached the opportunity sign-up success page, it was discovered that if the volunteer went back to the opportunity sign-up page using their browsers back button (instead of navigating back to search), the sign-up button was still present for that occurrence and they could sign up again!

This has been fixed. Now, no matter how a user nagivates back to a volunteer opportunity detail page - the sign up button will be gone and they will receive a message that they are already signed up for that occurrence.)

Improvements to Sharing for Volunteer Leaders

A number of issues related to sharing for Volunteer Leaders in the sharing portal have been addressed and fixed.  Issues that have been addressed are related to profile management for HOC 3 users migrating from HOC 2, and issues resulting from large amounts of existing data needing to appear in the portal for some leaders.   The development team continues to work on improving speed and performance related to large numbers of records associated with some leaders or partners.

Improvements to Form Builder

The form builder functionality in the CMS has a number of improvements, broadening the capabilities of HOC Forms for advanced users.

(Note: Forms are still in Beta.  Training on how to work with CMS forms will be available at a future date.)

  • Forms now support the donation block if donations are active (Click & Pledge or Paypal).  (HOC3-2767 and 2770)
  • Ability to set the page where a user is redirected after they submit the form (HOC3-2650)
  • Date and Time can be set to default to current date + time (HOC3-2650)
  • Logic added to determine whether or not to display description field (HOC3-2768)
  • Added greater than and less than logic when comparing numeric values (HOC3-2769)
  • Fixed issues related to numeric slider field in forms  (HOC3-2766)


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