HOC Release Notes (Dec 23, 2021)

This end-of-year release focused on internal improvements and minor bug fixes related to the CMS. Improvements were made to translation functionality for those using multiple languages. A fix was also made to the placement of the mobile menu which was misaligned on some sites. Here's one new feature that can be handy for advanced users of forms employing hidden fields.

Forms: Ability to copy values to hidden fields (HOC3-15204)

It's now possible to take a value submitted through a visible field in a form, and COPY it to a hidden field in the form.    You'll now see an option for fields you add to the form, to copy the data submitted in that field, to any hidden field you have in the form.

And that wraps up our releases for 2021.  Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year from all of us at HandsOn Connect Cloud Solutions!  We look forward to an exciting 2022 with you!


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