October, 2018 Release Notes

The October, 2018 release reflects updates made to the HOC application in Salesforce. This update patches several bugs that occur under complex circumstances, but nonetheless needed to be addressed, including problems that occasionally occurred with organization-wide email addresses, and error messages encountered when installing some unmanaged packages.   We've also done some cleanup such as updating descriptions in HandsOn Connect workflows (to clarify those that are no longer used and should not be active), to make things clearer for System Administrators.  Here's a few other bug fixes and improvements in this release.

Bug Fix: Email to approve new Individually Scheduled Opportunities with Schedule not received by Opportunity Approval Manager. (HOCAVV-1186)

Some organizations reported that Opportunity Approval Managers were not receiving an email notification when a partner created an ISO - Express Interest with Schedule opportunity in the sharing portal.  This has been addressed and emails will now be sent.

System admins may want to check that there are no pending ISO - Express Interest with Schedule opportunities or occurrences that have been submitted in the past, and not yet approved.  (This can be done easily through a list view looking for "Pending" occurrences.  

Bug Fix: Random page breaks in check-in sheet when printed from Salesforce (HOCAVV-1188)

When printing a check-in sheet via the connections grid in the occurrence record in Salesforce - the .pdf sometimes included random, irregular page breaks.  This has been fixed.

Verified Volunteer Improvement (HOCAVV-1182)

For those customers using the Verified Volunteers add-on, a concern has been that Verified Volunteer background checks are validated for only 1 year.  Some organizations however, accept a clear background checked as good for two years.

If you are using verified volunteers, and wish to to change the default duration of background check validations to something other than VV's standard 1 year -- HOC can now support custom times for duration of verifications in Eligible or Clear status.

Open a zendesk ticket if you wish to have us modify the default durations for background checks:

By Default the settings are:

  • For Eligible or Clear;  1 year
  • For Consider: 1 month


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