HOC3 Release Notes (April 5, 2018)

A number of bug fixes and performance improvements were applied to the CMS in this release. This release also addresses a number of improvements to add to the stability and performance of HandOn Connect. Also included are improvements to the Check-In Kiosk when issuing access passes for Individually Scheduled Opportunities, and bug fixes to ARS workflows.

There's also one nice little improvement to the user interface on the public site (see below).

Improvement to Team Creation / Signup user interface (HOC3-6455)

A number of clients have remarked that when a user creates a new team during the "Sign up with a Team" process -- people often miss the link on the "Success! You've create the team" page that tells them to now continue with opportunity sign-up with their team.

We've replaced the hyperlink with a much more visible button - so that users will more clearly understand that now that they've created the team - they should click and now sign the new team up for the Volunteer Opportunity.


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