HOC Release (Dec 12, 2019)

This release features a number of bug fixes, improvements in error handling, and some under the hood improvements. Also fixed are issues in the form builder related to using picklists, and selecting default values.  Here's the highlights in this week's release.

ARS - ability to delete Opportunity Workflows (HOC3-3522)

ARS workflows for Opportunity Signup can begin to pile up - and maybe you have one that you are no longer using, or didn't work out.  Now, if you want to permanently get rid of an ARS workflow, you can delete it.  A new button at the bottom of the workflow page for Opportunity Signup workflows now includes a 'delete workflow' button.

Tip: Before deleting a workflow, make sure its not being used by any of your active Volunteer Opportunities or Occurrences :-)

Check-In Kiosk Improvement - Show existing Connections first, before guest check-in opportunities (HOC3-5523)

If you have guests enabled in the check-in kiosk, a volunteer checking in has to indicate if they are checking in for a connection they have already made, or select one of the other occurrences where they could check-in as a guest.

In an improvement to the interface, upon entering one's email address the kiosk will initially present a screen showing any currently existing connections the volunteer has for the day.  (Rather than it being mixed in with all the day's occurrences that they could check in for as a 'guest').

If they opt not to check-in for their existing connections, they'll have the option to see all occurrences for that day that they could checkin for as a guest.

This will speed up the check-in process as a user will see their existing connections first (the ones they are most likely checking in for) without having to scroll through a list of all available occurrences that day).

Here's a short video showing this in action:   https://www.screencast.com/t/pl5SWZJxW

Check-in Kiosk Bug Fix - prevent team members from accidentally checking out. (HOC3-8807)

Here's the scenario.  You have teams enabled and check-in / check-out enabled.  A team captain checks in the members of his team. There connections are updated as attended.  One of the team members then types in their email address, unaware that they have already been checked-in... as a result, they are checked out :-(

Now, team members will be warned if they are already checked in, and asked if they wish to be checked out.  This will prevent accidental check-outs for team members.


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