HOC 3.0 Release Notes - 3.0.16 (March 17 - 21)

Add to Calendar Time Zone bug fixed (HOC3-1369)

The add to calendar links for opportunities were adding projects to calendars without adjusting properly for the time zone.  This has been fixed and add to calendar should now post the opportunity correctly in your calendar.

Improvements to Partner Portal "My Organization" Page (HOC3-2378)
  • The My Organization page can now be edited by any contact with partner staff access to the organization's portal
  • A cancel button has been added when editing, in case you do not wish to save any changes.
  • A partner Logo added administratively via Salesforce will now properly display in the sharing portal.
  • Organization URL no longer requires a http:// to be entered as part of the URL.
  • The "My Organization Page" in the partner portal now includes the ability to view and edit answers to any 'custom registration questions' that are part of organization registration.
Improvements to Mobile version of Sharing Portal

Improvements are starting to be made to make the sharing portal for partners and volunteer leaders easier to use on mobile devices.  Here's one fix that was included in this release.

  • Added "return to managing opportunity' navigation for VLs who move to the public site and need to get back into the portal.
Compliance Module now available for Advanced Registration System (HOC3-1786)

For organizations needing a very stringent series of requirements for a volunteer to complete before being allowed to sign up for volunteer opportunities, HandsOn Connect now has a premium feature available, the Advanced Registration System Compliance Module (ARS-CM)

The compliance Module allows a volunteer to start the registration process (thereby creating an account), and then return to the site to continue the registration process and requirements at a later date.  This is useful for an organization that requires a volunteer to:

  • Complete a background check before volunteering
  • Submit documents, proof of insurance, certifications or referrals.

Since a volunteer is unlikely to have all required document at hand when they first register -- they are able to save their registration information, and login and return to the site to continue submitting documentation until all requirements are satisfied.

Once compliance is satisfied - the system will then 'unlock' the volunteer's account and they'll be able to sign up for volunteer opportunities.

For more information on adding the Compliance Module to your HOC registration process, please contact [email protected]


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