HOC Release Notes (Jan 15, 2018)

There are no release notes for as it was mostly a release dealing with issues affecting specific clients.

This release features a number of 'under the hood' improvements to increase speed and efficiency, and continue to streamline the number of API calls made between the public site and sharing portal, and the Salesforce back end.

This release also mitigates some of the vulnerabilities related to the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities that have been widely reported.

HOC has the following bug fixes and features that affect all HOC Customers.

Improvements to error messages on Forms (HOC3-5592)

When a user submitted a form that had an error of some kind  (i.e. a required field was missing, an illegal value was entered),  users could not easily find the error.   They would have to scroll on the page to hunt for the error, and it wasn't always clear which field the validation message was referencing.

Now, in HOC forms, when validation messages appear, the form is scrolled so that the first validation (error) message on the page is clearly in view - and its clear which field the message relates to.

Placeholder improvement on Organization Registration Form (HOC3-5779)

On the organization registration form - the placeholder (suggested text) for the field "Title" was inaccurate and misleading. It had said "Ex:  Mr."    --   but what the title field was supposed to prompt was for the Title of the employee  (i.e. job title)

The form now gives placeholder text of "Executive Director" for the primary contact, and "Volunteer Coordinator" for the secondary contact.  

Improvements to uploading / downloading files in compliance module and forms (HOC 3-5693)

If a file has already been uploaded, the form will indicate this and give the option to 'upload new file".   The button instructions will vary depending on whether a file has or hasn't already been uploaded.


Bug Fix: Problems with Invitation Codes (HOC3-5853)

Some customers were experiencing issues where invitation codes were not properly filtering and showing all opportunities instead of invitation code projects. This has been corrected.

Improved public site display in Internet Explorer and Chrome for the Mac (HOC3-5830)

Issues with public site display, home page image, and logos that were occurring in some versions of Internet Explorer and with Chrome for the Mac have been corrected.


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