HOC3 Release Notes: (Oct 5, 2017)

In this release we continue to develop our new CMS template system which will allow greater customizability of Public Sites in the future. Security fixes have been added to protect public site forms from malicious requests. The release also includes bug fixes for Verified Volunteer users, ARS and Parental Consent users, and improvement to mobile versions of the public site.  Also improved was password validation.  Highlights of this release include:

Sharing Portal: Partner Reporting Bugs Fixed: (HOC3-4484)

A number of clients using reporting in the partner portal received error messages when they tried to run certain reports.  The issue has been fixed and addressed in this release.

Please be aware of the following in regards to what reports will or won't run in the partner portal:

  • All reports shared in the partner portal must contain at least one of these objects: Volunteer Opportunity, Occurrence, or Connection.  (These three records identify the"Managing Organization" which is used to determine which records to share with each partner in the sharing portal.
  • Be sure that the 'report type' you choose for a report is a type that will ensure that all records that would be returned will contain one of those objects.
  • Avoid creating reports that would return a large number of records in one report.  Reports are limited to returning 2000 records.  They will still run, but only 2000 records can be returned through the SF API.  and the larger the number of records that have to be returned, the longer it takes for the report to load, filter, etc.  

What does this mean?  A report of type Volunteer Opportunities, with Occurrences, with Connections will work fine.   But a report of type Contacts with or without connections will not run.  (Because it would try to return contacts without connections, and each record must have an associated Volunteer Opportunity, Occurrence or Connection).  

Consider creating (or using) existing custom Report Types  (as opposed to the automatically generated ones by SF) to have more control over your reports.   See this article on creating and managing custom report types.

Sharing Portal: Connections grid improvement (HOC3-2950)

When using the contact filter in the connections grid of a volunteer opportunity, contacts are now listed alphabetically (by first name), which makes it easier to find a specific contacct.

(Note:  You can also quickly filter by typing a name in the Search box ("find by keyword") at the top of the page.  But for those who use the drop down filters, this makes finding a contact much easier than previously where the contacts were listed in a seemingly random order.)

Public Site Registration: Improvement in setting Date of Birth (HOC3-4576)

When registering to create an account on the public site, the 'date-picker' used to indicate your date of birth was awkward to use.  The calendar format was not well suited to easily setting your year of birth, and it took a lot of clicks to get the right year, month and date.   To make registration quicker and easier, the 'date picker' has been replaced by three easy to use picklists, so that you can select your Month, Date, and Year quickly and easily.

CMS: Registration Page Configuration (Minimum Age) (HOC3-3392)

Under U.S. COPPA law, it is a violation to allow minors under the age of 13 to create their own account on an Internet website. By default, HandsOn Connect has always prevented anyone under the age of 13 from creating an account.  If someone under the age of 13 tries to create an account they are blocked from doing so and the following message is displayed, along with a "Why" link that explains this:

However, some organizations using HandsOn Connect are in countries not subject to the >13 years of age U.S. COPPA law.  And some organizations using HandsOn Connect, may wish to restrict people from registering unless they are some other minimum age  (18, for example).

In this release we've added configurations in the CMS that allow you to change the minimum age for registering and creating an account on the site from 13  (Making it younger or older).   To do this, edit the Volunteer Registration Form in the CMS and you will see two new settings:

Minimum age allowed to register:  (the default is 13 as required by U.S. law.... and U.S. users are warned that setting the value to an age <13 may make them subject to prosecution under COPPA.   If you wish to change to a higher age, there is no restriction not to do so.

Age Requirement Explanation:  If you leave the default age set to 13  (i.e. don't set a new value), the current "Why?" help tip will remain active.  If however you change the age, then compose your own "Why" that explains the new minimum age, by populating this "Age Requirement Explanation" field, with the text you wish to appear if they hover on the "Why" for your new minimum age.   (]If you are using multiple languages, you can translate your age requirement explanation for each language.

Public Site Bug Fix: Team captains unable to sign up team member younger than the minimum age with adult. (HOC3-4459)

It was reported that in some cases, a team captain (who was over the age of 18) was unable to sign up members of his team who met the 'minimum age with adult' qualifications, even though an 18 year old would be present.  This has been fixed.  


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