HOC 3 Release Notes - 3.0.28 (June 15, 2017)

This release includes improvements to the form used in the Advanced Registration System, improvements to the CMS, improvements to site templates, and a variety of bug fixes. Highlights are detailed below:

CMS: Maintain relationship of friendly URL to menus and blocks (HOC3-309)

When the friendly URL of a page is changed the user had to also be sure to update any menu items that were associated to that page's friendly URL.  The CMS has been updated so that if a friendly URL of a page is edited, the menu item(s) and any hard-coded links in blocks associated with that page are automatically updated as well.

Text Update: Team Signup Page improved (HOC3-2877)

The text that appears on the team signup page (after you click on "sign up with a Team" or "Express Interest with a team" - has been updated to better describe the options for signing up with a team.  It removes references to 'public teams' that are not part of HOC 3.0.  Here is the new text:

Fixed: Date display for Individually Scheduled Opportunities with schedule that are only accepting connections for future dates (HOC3-3277)

For individually scheduled opportunities we do not display the start date but only the words "Voluneers needed through (end date)"   This made sense, since the start date might be a long time ago and is no longer relevant.

However, in circumstances where the start date was in the future, volunteers were confused when they tried to sign up to get a message saying they couldn't sign up for today's date.

Now, when an Individually Scheduled Opportunity is not allowing singups until a future date, the start date and end date will both be displayed.  For example.  Today is June 15, but we are not accepting volunteers to schedule themselves before June 20th.  So the opportunity will appear like this:


Bug Fix for Template 3: Display of schedule for ISO opportunities. (HOC3-3278 and 3279)

Users of template 3 found that the schedule was not easily readable, or in some cases even visible for Individually Scheduled Opportunities.  This has been fixed.

Bug Fix for Template 3: Menus should drop down while editing CMS (HOC3-3387)

When working in the CMS, menu items did not drop down. This has been corrected. You can now use the navigation while editing the CMS in template 3.

Fixed: Case sensitivity of friendly URLs (HOC3-3256)

When defining the URLs that a page or block is visible to, it turned out that the URLs were being treated as case sensitive. Now, when a URL is entered in the "Visible to" for "All pages, except URLs below" or "Only URLs listed below", the logic at execution is not case sensitive.   The url /witness success and /WitnessSuccess will be treated as the same URL.

Sharing Portal: Bug Fix. Correct organization name and location merged into emails sent to connections (HOC3-3135)

The merge tokens used to populate <Organization> and <Location> when sending emails to volunteers from the sharing portal have been corrected. Previously the <organization> field was not bringing in the correct value (the name of your organization, not the organization of the contact that created the email which might have been a partner.   The <location> field was pulling the default location from the volunteer opportunity.  It will now populate the correct location for the occurrence the connection is connected to.

Date Picker fixed for International Users (HOC3-3272)

The date picker on the self-reporting page, was not using the date format for the appropriate international regions. The date picker will now pick dates in the appropriate format used in that country.

Power users: Sharing Portal: Help Text added to 'image' field in create volunteer opportunity (HOC3-3196)

If visible in your sharing portal when creating volunteer opportunities, the field "Image" has added help text to explain to partners what the image they upload here may or may not be used for.   Note: The image is only used if you are using a theme that has been enabled to use the "featured Opportunities" block.  It clarifies that this image is only used when the system admin spotlights this opportunity as a 'featured opportunity'.



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