HOC Release Notes (Dec 9, 2021)

This  release primarily has internal fixes and improvements, including an internal improvement to limit the rare cases where a volunteer accidentally creates two connections for the same opportunity by rapidly double clicking a sign up button.  Here are two additional features in this release.

Ability to adjust line heights in html editor (HOC3-14607)

Its not possible, using the html editor for pages and html blocks, to adjust the line height if you wish things to be spaced out a bit more.  The default value of '1' can be adjusted for greater spacing between lines.

Listing Block filters now support relative dates (HOC3-14415)

When setting a filter in a listing block, a date or date/time field can now can be set to equal not only to a specific date, but to a variety of relative date tokens:

  • s:currentDateTime
  • s:today
  • s:thisWeek
  • s:thisMonth
  • s:thisYear

These relative dates are only useable when the operator is set to 'is equal to" -- they do not work if you wish to filter on less than or greater than, etc.


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