HOC Release (July 25, 2019)

This release has a much-awaited new feature - the ability to make reports available to Volunteer Leaders!  Also is some new flexibility in using the Check-In Kiosk and improvements to the search-result block.   Here are the highlights of this release.

Reports can now be made available to Volunteer Leaders in Sharing Portal (HOC3-2924)

Up until now, reporting in the sharing portal has been limited to Partner Staff.  We're happy to say, that with this release, Volunteer Leaders can now run reports in the sharing portal.

If you already have reporting enabled for partner staff, and wish to make reports available to Volunteer Leaders - you'll need to submit an activation request. Just open a ticket in the support center, or send an email to [email protected] and tell us "Please enable reporting for Volunteer Leaders".

If you don't yet have reporting enabled in the sharing portal, then send us a request and say "Please enable reporting for our sharing portal" (and specify if you wish reporting to be available for Partners, Volunteer Leaders, or both.

NOTE:  You should create reports to share  before requesting we turn on this feature... otherwise your portal users will see a reporting option, but no reports that they can run :-(

Once we've activated reporting for you (or added Volunteer Leader reports), you'll need to choose which folders to share in the CMS.  See this article for information on how to designate the folders you wish to make available to Partners and/or Volunteer Leaders, and the rules regarding which report types can be made accessible in the portal.

Additional Kiosk Activation options (HOC3-9443)

For those of you using the check-in kiosk, we've added more flexibility in activating the kiosk.  Currently, you must activate the kiosk every day (using your activation code), and some users report that they always use the kiosk in the same configuration (i.e. time zone, location, organization filtering), so they prefer to just save the configuration, to make it easier for those using the kiosk to activate it.  OR, in some cases, they do not want to even have to activate the kiosk each day -- they have it permanently installed and just want to configure it once and leave it ready to go.

Now you have options!

When you first activate the kiosk you have a newoption to "Save Settings after first activation".  Here's what those options do!

1) None:  The kiosk continues to work as it does today. You need to activate and optionally choose filters each day.

2) Only Configuration (daily activation is required).   After initially activating the kiosk, the filters will be hidden and maintained. (i.e. if you are using no filters, because you want all occurrences to be displayed in the kiosk), that can be saved, and each day you'll only be asked for the activation code.  A simpler activation process if you wish to hide the filters from your kiosk activators.

3) Configuration & Activation - • With this setting, the kiosk will remain activated day after day.   This has some possible security down-side as anyone will be able to use the kiosk on this device even without someone activating it...  but if you have a permanently placed kiosk and wish it to be 'always live' - then choose to save this setting.

Note:  If you choose to save the configuration, or the configuration AND activation - then the kiosk will remain in that state until you reset it.

To reset the kiosk, click on the cog in the lower right of the kiosk home page.  This will show you the current settings, and allow you to request access by entering your activation code and making changes to any of the activation settings.

Improvements to Search Result Block (HOC3-7165)

For those of you using the "Search Results Block" instead of the standard search or calendar pages, we've made a few improvements to the Search Results Block:

1) When an occurrence is full, instead of saying "0 slots available" it will now say "WaitList Available". (unless you have waitlist turned off or you are not displaying full occurrences at all).  If you have waitlists turned off, it will say 'waitlist not available"

2) Filtering Improvements:

Previously, the search result block (in listing mode) by default, sorted by 'best match' which wasn't terribly useful.  It now defaults to Distance.  In the Search results block configuration, you can set the default sort to either distance, best match, newest, or most popular.

Additionally, you can choose to Show the sort by filters on the public site - so that users can resort the results based on their preferences.

When 'show sort by filters' is enabled - the sort by filters are shown on the search block page:

ARS:  Ability to display muti-picklist as checkboxes (HOC3-9170)

For those of you using Advanced Registration System (ARS), the forms now support displaying multi-picklists as checkboxes, rather than as multi-selectable picklists. You can also define how many columns you want the picklist options displayed in.

"Login" and "Logout" changed to "Log In" and "Log out" (HOC3-1680

Though they are widely used - there are actually no words "login" and "logout" - so, in response to a general request to improve language on the public site - the term login  has been replaced by "Log in" and Logout has been replaced by "Log out".   We suspect most folks won't even notice this - but it does look a bit nicer!


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